objective 5 getting all interveiwy

Professor Cox

I had decided to interview my chemistry teacher after getting this assignment. In my personal opinion she is one of my better professors here at Clemson and I look up to her professionally and teaching ways.

I produced a list of questions which included:

  • what do you do in adition to teaching?
  • why did you decide this caress path?
  • what was your major in college
  • what the best part of you job
  • are you where you thought you where in college
  • what general advice do you give students
  • how do you define learning
  • what was your most difficult subject and why
  • what non academic skils are most important in ur opinion
  • what element of professionalism did you struggle with the most in college


After interviewing Professor Cox, I recapped the content of the interview. Overall, Princess Cox had some very intriguing answers to my various questions. The reactions to some of her answers where somewhat expected. Some of the major take-aways from this interview was the path that got her into chemistry from an original pathology career goal. She described how she transitioned away from medical school and into professional chemistry. I think that was interesting because I don't know what I want my career path to be or my job goal. She showed she went with what felt right and ended up loving what she does as a college professor. Also, how she stressed networking for a non-academic skill. There is a common phrase, "its not about the grades you make but the hands you shake". This ties directly into networking. In college there are so many opportunities to get involved and become networked with so many different individuals and form lasting relationships through your time here. This is important for so many aspects of life and can really help as time comes to graduate.

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