Angel Shark The oceans guardian angel


Angel shark is a type of marine fish that lives in the Pacific Ocean.

Can be found along the coast of Alaska, California, Mexico, Costa Rica, and Chile.

There are 15 species.

Typically live in warm, tropical waters.

5 Adaptations

  1. Their body is covered with black, brown, reddish, gray, or greenish skin that is like sandpaper. They use their skin to camouflage on the sand floor.
  2. They have a flat body and large pectoral fins, which makes it easier to lie on the ocean floor.
  3. They have a pair of barbells on their snout. They use these to detect prey and taste the food.
  4. They have spiracles on the top of its head to pump the water through the gills because the Angel Shark often lies motionless on the sand.
  5. Angel Sharks have 5 pairs of gills that are located on the bottom side of the body to allow it to breathe.

Human Interactions

Their meat is considered excellent and is sold fresh or frozen.

Many people in California have interest in fishing for Angel Sharks.

As a result, fishing restrictions on angel sharks have been placed in places like California and Mexico.



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