Algeria By: Carter DuMont

Algeria is located in the continent of Africa. Algeria is close to the mediterranean sea. The hemisphere Algeria is located in is the Northern, Eastern, and western hemisphere. The reason why Algeria is in three different hemispheres is because they divided the earth into different hemispheres and Algeria is in three different


Algeria is located in the temperate zone because its latitude is 36°45' 08"N

Algeria population

Total population

Algeria has 50 million people in it and is ranked 90th in the world.

Population density

There are 17 people per square mile and is not crowded.

Growth rate

The growth rate in Algeria is 1.37%and growing pretty fast.

Largest city's in Algeria

Algiers, Oran , Tébessa, Constantine,and biskra

Algeria net migration

Algeria is more of a urban area than a rual and people are leaving.

Algeria Economics

Algeria is a developing country for the reasons below...

GDP per capita

Algeria has a low GDP per capita of 536070 USD so the average person in Algeria makes about 536070 US dollers.

Life expectancy

Algeria's life expectancy is 70.88 years so on average people in Algeria die at 71 years of age.

Literacy rate

The literacy rate in Egeria is 80%.

Algeria culture

Algeria culture

Algeria language

Algeria speaks mainly Aribic and some French.

Algeria's religion

Algeria is 100% Muslim.

Most popular sport's In Algeria

Soccer (football) is loved in Algeria and have had the same stadium since 1962.

Algeria foods

Algeria is famous for there foods such as a dish mixed with lamb an chicken.


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