The Great Pyramid mystery solved

The Great spinx

Pyramids are an unsolved mystery but slowly theses mysteries are being solved by our morden world. But still there is a mystery that we are trying to solve but we do not succeed.That mystery is called the great Pyramid of Giza .Today we will try to solve this mystery.What will happen?Will we do the unthinkable? Will we be able to solve the mystery of The Great Pyramid of Giza?

So when you think a king making a pyramid you assume slaves made them .According to the “the great pyramid was not made by slaves but people who were paid to make the pyramid”. Which means most of them were farmers and peasants who were forced to come as the overflowing nile river destroyed their crops and had to earn money so they worked for building the Great Pyramid of Giza.

Did you know ?

The Great Pyramid of Giza has eight sides !

There were also three chambers in The great pyramid,The lowest chamber was unfinished but the upper chambers are said to be of the king and queen but these were told by our morden archeologists so we don’t know how the Egyptians used it.the great Pyramid is also the the oldest of the seven wonders of the world.It was also the tallest structure for 3800 years! And not only that the three pyramids of Giza are made by three generation.The first and the tallest was built by Khufu,the second was made by Khafre the son of Khufu and the third and smallest one was made Khafre’s son(Khufu’s grandson) Menkaure! Amazing right! Although the Egyptians sometimes hid their treasures,robbers were able to steal them. So as we are talking about pyramids you may be thinking how did the pyramids start ? The pharaohs started demanding more than normal tombs As the Egyptians thought they were living gods.The first pyramid was made by king Sneferu . Not only that but pyramids are found all over the world(yes I said all over). And also this might give you a spark to research about The Great Pyramid of Giza and what it was used for.And when we talk about The Great Pyramid we can’t ignore The Sphinx.

The article in says, “The great sphinx has deteriorated over the millennia and was extensively renovated in ancient times. More recently it was mutilated by the Sultan Mohammed an-Nasir in AD 1300; and lost its nose in 1798, when Napoleon’s soldiers used it for target practice.” Which means that We don’t know whose head was in the great sphinx.

Deteriorated means wear off or get damaged over the time. Millennia is a time period of a thousand years. Extensively is really broad or wide and Mutilated means injure, Disfigure or damaged in some way.

Did you know ?

- The pyramids can be seen from space (look in middle of your screen

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Pyramids are amazing structures with many mysteries that we are trying to solve them.2300000 limestones,3 chambers,481 feet high,3800 years.Join these these pieces of puzzles and you will get the biggest puzzle of them all.The Great Pyramid of Giza. Can you solve it? Can you be the next legend who will be known for solving the greatest mystery there is?

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