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All over the world equine facilitated human growth and development is becoming recognised as a powerful modality for human transformation and wellness

Humans are complex beings, and so when it comes to facilitating learning, healing, growth and transformation, a one size fits all, cookie cutter approach simply doesn’t work, and can in fact do more harm than good.

Wisdom Unlimited programs encompass a multi dimensional approach because medical and psychological science has finally come to the realisation that...

the bodymind is one system and so now appreciates that we are bio-neuro-social-psycho-spiritual beings, (something many cultures and wisdom practices have known & practiced for a very long time) so any work in the field of human growth and development must keep this in mind

Our programs and training blend the latest in neuroscience findings, holistic body mind concepts, processes and learning theory, with ancient martial arts practices and contemporary wisdom, making it a unique training program that provides a unifying theory and an integrative and trauma sensitive approach to human growth and development.

Whole of horse - whole of human
The horse is an integral co-facilitator of the process. We honour the horse as a sentient being - teacher, guide, muse - not simply as a tool to be used

Horses are fully embodied and relational beings who live in the present moment, so it makes sense to use a body-centred, presence-based approach that fosters communication with the whole body's inherent wisdom.

One that is based on how we show up in the world - who we are and how we are being in our ways of relating, is trauma sensitive and integrates mindfulness of the body and somatic processes with the latest findings in neuroscience

"It is the balanced attention to sensation, feeling, cognition and life energy which is becoming the emergent future for transforming the whole person." - ~ Peter Levine, In an Unspoken Voice
Re-connecting bodies and brains

Therefore, this training is just as much about the body as it is about the brains

It's much more than simply engaging in endless 'lists' of activities

Most other equine therapy and learning modalities out there put heavy and sometimes only emphasis on cognitive processing: ie "have an experience with a horse and explore what that means."

This often has limited benefits because as long as the body holds discordant energy (which could be stress, anxiety, fear, unresolved experiences and emotions, pain, false beliefs, etc.), the logical brain has limited capacity to influence the body

Horses are highly sensitive, relational beings, who intuit their world through body based senses. Therefore they make excellent teachers in showing you when you are mind full or mindful, and what you may be ‘holding’ and are bringing into the horse's (or others) space. The training includes practices and processes to enhance your awareness and presence and how to manage your emotions and energy so that you don't impact others unconsciously.

Honouring, listening, sensing with Horse

Our training teaches you to be flexible, adaptive and resourceful while enhancing self awareness through mindfulness and somatic practices – with the aim to increase your capacity for empowerment, emotional resilience, and nervous system regulation. You will learn how to fully embody your authentic self, while being in relationship with others through partnership with a horse(s)

The only time for change is NOW

Becoming more horse like is about being 'in the present moment', teaching you how to sense internally into your body and externally into 'the field' and adapt to what is being presented. In doing so, you'll always know what to do in choosing what is most beneficial in the moment.

We believe that if any interaction is not good for the horse and human, then it's not good for the horse and human
Communicating, aligning and integrating your three centers of intelligence
"One eye sees the other feels" - Paul Klee
This training will have you learning about, and looking at yourself, horses and others, with fresh eyes
Photo credit: Katherine Waddington
This training is an immersion in growth and learning through The Way of Horse - through Horse and Body Wisdom, where you both learn about and experience the profound power of horse human interactions...

You can't learn about this work in a few short days and being an 'experiential' modality, you can't learn it online or from a book. Therefore, the full training program includes 10 days of hands on experiential learning in the field of Horse, plus home based and online learning

Your herd is waiting for you
Join our herd and the supportive community of practice group!

We keep up to date with the latest findings in neuroscience and trauma informed practice and are continually updating our skills and knowledge with our own mentoring and training, so that relevant knowledge can be passed on to you

Visit the website to learn more and if you feel we are a good fit and you wish to learn more or have a chat, then contact us.

Visit our website www.WisdomUnlimitedpl.com to learn more. email: Cheryl at windhorsefarm@live.com

We look forward to welcoming you to the herd!

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