Twighlight Stephenie Meyer

Stephenie Meyer

Stephanie was born on December 24, 1973. She was born in Hartford CT. She is best known for her vampire romance series. Her twighlight collection has sold over 100 millions copies. In 200 and 2009 she was the highest selling author in the United States.
Date of Publication : October 5, 2005
The Novel is mostly taken place in the town Forks in Washington. The main characters are Bella Swan and Edward Cullen. The story starts off when Bella moved to the town of Forks, and on one of her first days of school she couldn't stop staring at Edward. As time goes by Bella notices something weird about how Edward is acting. She is questioning whether he is a human or a vampire, as she does her research she becomes closer to the conclusion he is a vampire. She questions him about it and he reveals who he really is.

The story is all revolved around Edward being a vampire and in love with Bella who is a normal human. This causes a huge conflict because Edward wants her blood but he can't and he has to hold himself back from doing that.

Bella is very good friends with Jacob Black, who is a wolf in the story, this causes conflict between Bella, Edward, and Jacob. This is because both Jacob and Edward both have feelings for Bella.


I liked how Stephenie included such great detail about the way Edward and Bella reacted to each others feeling and actions towards each other. I like the story itself, the way she wrote it was very defined and visual to the reader.


I dislike how the book is all just focused on the romance story, the author didn't do a very good job of telling the whole story. I think its weird how she depicted the vampires. Vampires are suppose to be bloodthirsty, not a sparkling person that loves human.



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