This is Connor's writing all about his Persian mythical creature named, 'Sweatytirus'. Today he was describing features of this monster, trying hard to use high quality language and start his sentences with an abverb.

Gently, Elliot stroked his bloody arm, his flesh felt like jagged stones.

Angrily, Sweatytirus's claws stabbed the wall in front of him, his hand was boneless.

Feriously, Sweatytirus banged his breastplate on his tail, his tail felt like moudy slime.

Frustrated, Sweatytirus banged his unwashed horns on his hand like a bone-breaking warrior.

Roughly, Sweatytirus scratched his arm like a hand pulling grass.

Clumsily, Sweatytirus pulled a bit of his skin off like your sister pulling your hair.

Weirdly, the ugly, stinky Sweatytirus took of his Gorgonzola-smelling tunic.

Eccentrically, Sweatytirus ate his sharp, pointy hand off like a fierce dog.

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