Wake Up By Anti-Mortem

New Southern

2014 | Rock

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“Liars, leaders, kings, deceivers, they're all the same. -- We gave you your power, we can take it away."


  • Before the release of new southern Anti-mortem had penned around 100 songs.
  • The band hailed from Chickasha, Ok and began by playing in an old barn.
  • New Southern was the bands debut release the band called it quits shortly after.


Luke Tatum

First, let me say that I love this song. But there's something about this bit from the chorus: "Liars, leaders, kings, deceivers; They're all the same; We gave you your power; We can take it away!" What's my beef with that? I've been feeling frustrated by this "all talk, no action" attitude from so many people here lately. The Jeffrey Epstein case, the deaths of Kevin Spacey accusers, and other related examples of a disease that seems to have infected humanity in ancient times. Just because the people CAN take power away from the elites and the power-hungry, who is leading the charge? They are going to continue getting away with whatever they want to for exactly as long as we allow it. I've said (and stand by) my position that we should not be storming DC with guns in hand, but action must be taken. By our words and actions we must not submit to the system. So today, this song just doesn't sit well with me.

Sherry Voluntary

This solid heavy rock song is rife with that take back the power sentiment without the tone of violence that often accompanies this kind of tune. I really like the idea in the lyric,

“If we keep waiting on them to change the song, will wake up one day...and realize it’s too late!”

If we keep waiting for them to change, we’ll be totally screwed. Each person should take a more active and less passive role in speaking out and standing up for the uninfringed rights that every individual should have. The best, and least violent thing we can do is ignore The State and it’s intrusions in our lives. It is a great day when, a person looks at authority, and like the character Sarah from the movie Labyrinth, says, “you have no power over me.”

Nicky P

Is this the appropriate place to step in with a consent of the governed bit? I think we all see this to one degree or another but perhaps treat it slightly differently. If you think the consent is in the voting I think that's an error. It's illustrated well by the social contract. The imaginary document that gives consent simply by us existing. It's like saying a child born in a prison consented to being a prisoner. I'm pretty sure there was a particular time period when people actually treated individuals like this. What was that practice called...that's right slavery. The truth of this song is that the only people who can take the power we give to statesmen is us. Voting is probably the worst way to do that considering all the rules were written by the wardens. What that leaves us with is education or violence and I've no intention of endangering my daughter if it can be avoided.

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Nicky P