We are thrilled to announce the fourth annual HUBweek Collaboration Call!

We are inviting innovative and creative organizations with presence in Greater Boston to participate and help shape this year’s festival. In 2018, there are two opportunities to participate: hosting an event at your organization or submitting an idea to present at The HUB on Boston's City Hall Plaza. There is no cost to participate as a HUBweek Collaborator.

If you are interested in engaging beyond the opportunities listed below, please contact Denise Thayer at dthayer@hubweek.org. We look forward to hearing your ideas!


Call for programming proposals for HUBweek 2018


HUBweek, October 8-14, 2018


Greater Boston and City Hall Plaza

If you would like to take a peek at the submission form before sending in your proposal, the questions can be found here.

HUBweek at its core is a collaboration and is a unique opportunity to come together to shape the narrative of this region. In just three short years, more than 250 leading organizations have engaged and participated in building HUBweek. Through participation, HUBweek Collaborators have the opportunity to reach a new audience, connect with other members of this community, share their ideas for the future, and play a critical role in celebrating and showcasing this region.

As a Collaborator, you’ll join a network of leading organizations in this region, with opportunities to connect and engage with one another throughout the year.

94% of collaborators are considering being part of HUBweek again this year
92% gained greater exposure for their organization through HUBweek
60% developed new business relationships or leads

Hear what past HUBweek collaborators had to say

“We got a ton of new attendees who had never been to one of our events before. Many of them seemed enthusiastic, and said they would come to another of our lectures. It was a great way to reach new audiences!”
“HUBweek is a celebration of Boston! We love being a part of the interdisciplinary mind that is Boston and connecting with the other members of this community.”
"The feeling that so many different and important creative and innovative people and organizations were all in this together."

HUBweek's 2018 Theme

The HUBweek 2018 theme of “We the Future” is a call to action. An invitation. An opportunity to come together to imagine, to dream, and to continue to shape a more inclusive and equitable future for us all.

The future is inclusive. It is collaborative. It is yours, and ours together, to write. Throughout HUBweek, the theme will unfold through open dialogues, collaborative and participatory art, through the sharing of some of today’s most provocative ideas; in documentary film, at convenings big and small, and through mash-ups of old and new. What should our future hold? How can we affect positive change, together? We invite you to share your ideas to define and bring to life We the Future at HUBweek this year.

There are two ways to participate as a HUBweek Collaborator in 2018.

Leading up to HUBweek, the HUBweek team will work with you to promote your event. See below for more details on submission criteria and for examples of past events. There is no limit on the number of submissions.


Just expanded your footprint in the area? Want to give tours of your lab or R&D facility? Interested in showcasing your workspace to attract potential new talent? We want to hear from you!

Greater Boston is home to leading businesses, organizations, and institutions who are building our future at the intersections of art, science, and technology. Often times, much of this work happens behind-the-scenes–it’s not everyday that someone can visit a bustling startup, tour a lab facility, see artists at work, or demo products in a corporate innovation lab. This is the idea behind HUBweek Open Doors (formerly known as Spoke Events)–to quite literally open the doors to innovation and creativity in this city, in the spaces where it’s happening.

Open Doors will take place on Monday, October 8 and Tuesday, October 9, 2018, prior to the official opening of The HUB on City Hall Plaza. Open Doors events will be free to both event organizers and attendees. Need some inspiration? Check out examples of past programs hosted by our Collaborator Network.


From Wednesday, October 10-Sunday, October 14th, HUBweek will convene more than 50,000 attendees at The HUB on Boston’s City Hall Plaza. “A fairground for the future,” The HUB will feature a series of programs, showcases, and unexpected experiences, all under the theme of We the Future.

This year, we are inviting creative thinkers and organizations to play a role in shaping a series of programs at The HUB–in our Ideas Dome–that will answer the following prompt: how can we shape a more inclusive and equitable future for all?

We are seeking ideas that are provocative, interesting, and unexpected. This is your chance to help define the future. There are no restrictions on topic or industry, but we encourage ideas that sit at the intersections of art, science, technology, and policy. The dome will seat a live audience of 150, with full capture of the experience for sharing post-event. We encourage highly engaging and interactive formats.

Event proposals must be fully fleshed-out with details on topic and format.

  • You must be fully able and committed to bringing your work to fruition and understand any financial, logistical, technical and personnel requirements on your end.
  • Submissions will only be accepted through the HUBweek portal. All applications will be reviewed using the same metrics to ensure an equitable and effective selection process.
  • You may submit for both categories and there is no limit on the number of submissions.
  • Submissions should outline how the event proposal answers or responds to the HUBweek theme of “We the Future.”
  • Event proposals for both categories must be fully baked with details on topic and format.

Open Doors

  • The event must be hosted by your organization at your offices or institution and must be hosted in Boston, Cambridge or Somerville and accessible by public transportation.
  • Events must be free, with registration managed via HUBweek.
  • Open Doors events will take place October 8-9th.
  • Submissions should outline how this will connect attendees to the work your organization is doing. We encourage any kind of behind-the-scenes access or unique formats to do so. Creativity welcomed!


  • Access to technology including WiFi, digital presentations, microphones, speakers, and sound onsite is included.
  • Presentation format is not limited. Examples include: lightning talks, fireside chats, performances, demos, or something completely unexpected.
  • The maximum time for programming including presentation, Q&A and discussion is 40 minutes. We encourage shorter presentations (10-20 minutes), with a bigger focus on audience engagement.
  • Minimal on-site setup (no more than 5 to 10 minutes); HUBweek will also work alongside selected presentations to secure all logistics in advance.
  • The Ideas Dome has an audience capacity of 100-150 people. Programming will be scheduled hourly, from Wednesday, October 10th-Sunday, October 14th.
  • All events will be free and open to the public. Registration for a HUBweek GA pass will be required. HUBweek will manage registration for all sessions in the Ideas Dome.
  • We encourage provocative viewpoints that may challenge existing notions and/or encourage dialogue. Creativity in topic and format welcomed!


  • The HUBweek team will notify selected Collaborators by no later than mid-July.
  • Full schedule for HUBweek 2018 will be released to the public later this summer.

Please email Lauren Jones with any questions.

Want to go deeper? If you are interested in more extensive branding, speaking or engagement opportunities beyond those listed above, please reach out to Denise Thayer at HUBweek for more information.

About HUBweek

Founded by The Boston Globe, Harvard University, Massachusetts General Hospital, and MIT, HUBweek is an unprecedented, one-of-a-kind civic collaboration that brings together the most creative, innovative minds working at the intersection of art, science, and technology. Taking advantage of the remarkable concentration of brainpower and ingenuity in Greater Boston, HUBweek represents a unique platform for collaboration between individuals and groups trying to solve big problems and make a positive impact in Boston and around the world.

Thank you for your interest in participating in HUBweek. We look forward to your submission.

For more information about HUBweek, visit

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