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Primitive Marine Creatures Exhibit

This is, certainly, the most immersive exhibit in the museum in terms of awe factor. What captured my attention so much was the clear theme going on. From the blue color of the sea to the overhead presentation of the "swimming" creatures, this exhibit was very appealing. One of the most captivating factors was the realistic size. Standing next to these large and primitive creatures really gets you to think how, us mere humans, survived through these times and they didn't, those fearsome and voluminous creatures. By showing the true size of the creatures one can more easily understand how significant they were, simply reading "7 meters tall" doesn't even come close to having to look up way over your head in order to see these magnificent beasts. It was a fantastic experience and I'd say the best part is how close you can feel to nature whilst you enjoy the different expositions.

Florida and Native American Exhibits

The Museum certainly shows the human importance on the conservation of nature in several different ways, however, both the Florida Fauna and Flora and Native American exhibits provide some insight on how we should treat nature. As Leopold said, the presence of nature "enlarges the boundaries of the community to include soils, waters, plants, and animals", and walking through these exhibits you could feel just how beautiful our near nature is, how vast and colorful, how astonishing, and by viewing the Native American exhibit we can see how a more primitive way of living led us to admire and respect nature for being our home rather than land to conquer. The museum allows its participants to walk through halls filled with replicas of the beautiful natural creatures that cover our lands, this truly allows us to connect deeply and realize that every bit helps when it deals with is cleaning our natural home.

Butterfly Rainforest

The beautiful Butterfly Rainforest exhibit. Like a piece of art carved to the smallest details, this exhibit would be a fantastic example of Heschel's view on nature. From the very second you step in it, your eyes take you to this mystical land of flaying gorgeous creatures that truly take you away from your typical life. This exhibit is, without a doubt, the best reminder viewers have of how majestic and mysterious the universe we live in is. Although these are simply butterflies, seeing them in such condensation allows you to take a step back and indulge in art. Like raining colors on an empty canvas, these creatures will make the viewers appreciate the natural world and all of its beauty.

Prehistoric Shark Skeletons (Jaws)

The exhibition that struck me the most, ethically, was this one. A presentation about the colossal and fearsome creatures that roamed the seas millennia ago. It struck me because they are truly the reason why we have special habitats, museums, and sanctuaries nowadays, these extinct lifeforms are part of our history, they are part of the reason sharks are the way they are and many other sea, and land as well, creatures adapted the way they did. They are past inspirations and reminders that we need to take care of our world, of what we have, because the demise of all living things is inevitable and unpredictable.

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