Frigidaire's NEW Cool Connect AC is a midsummer night's dream! Goodbye sweaty sleepless nights, Hello wifi connected bliss :)

We have all seen them. With their dusty grates and turn dial controls, the standard window air conditioning is no sight for sore eyes. Until now, your only options for a more pleasing aesthetic included pricey central air conditioning or perhaps even a portable AC, *groan*!!

Enter my new hero: Frigidaire's 8,000 BTU Cool Connect™ FGRC0844S1 Smart Room Air Conditioner with Wifi Control!!! Take a look at this beauty! With LED lighting, and a sleek, modern mesh grill, the new Cool Connect™ Room Air Conditioner breathes life into my row home. The control panel is touch sensitive and beautifully glossy and with Frigidaire's insulated side panels those hideous accordion style panels are a thing of the past. But let's remember what mom taught us....looks aren't everything. Let's talk convenience & functionality!

The new Cool Connect™ Room Air Conditioner blends seamlessly into any room.

In my house, convenience is king! If I can convince my husband that the house will be cooled down by the time I get finished buying this one last pair of shoes then please sign me up!! With Frigidaire's Cool Connect you can control your AC from anywhere at anytime. Seriously! Turn the unit on or off, change temperature, control modes, and adapt fan speeds by simply speaking to Amazon Alexa or even Google Assistant. Now that, my friend, is convenient.

The Frigidaire® Smart App provides you the convenience to remotely change temperature, turn the unit on & off, and create custom schedules.

Didn't she mention functionality? I sure did. So let's dive in. 8000 BTU's will leave your bedroom the beautiful ice box you always wanted it to be. And most importantly, it will maintain that temperature. Here in Philly, it get's boiling hot in the late summer, and the window air conditioning is often our go-to. It's inexpensive and convenient. Except for that darn filter! The worst part of having a window unit was always fighting with the old filter, annoyingly perched on that side you just couldn't reach. Frigidaire's air conditioner has a filter that pops straight out of the front of the unit and includes a red light reminder when your filter needs to be cleaned. *Sigh*, thank you Frigidaire. I am far too lazy to write AC cleaning schedules on my calendar.

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Cheryl Steacker-Laws

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