"KEEP YOU AROUND" Music video treatment

Props Needed

  • black or white love seat couch
  • phone case
  • mugs
  • lamp shade
  • newspaper (dyed? Is that possible?)
  • video game OR remote controller all within color palette
  • Framed black or white door?

Shot List

  1. Wide shot: Couch set up, side table with lamp (and coffee table?) in front of white screen. Steff & Sam are sitting down, not interacting; Sam is looking at phone.
  2. Steff stands up with first lyric “some…”
  3. Shot moves in on Steff starting at “think I’m tired of…” - Steff walks backward away from couch, Sam moves back toward her from behind.
  4. [couch and furniture visibly slide off? Or disappear during close shot??]
  5. Shot moves back out by “love." Living room setting is gone so it is just Sam & Steff against white screen.
  6. “Pick me back up again” - Sam spins Steff to left, Jess walks through door playing part on violin and runs off to right.
  7. “Show me your my best friend” - Sam spins Steff to right, Kaitlyn walks through door playing part on violin and runs off to left [If there’s no door, both violinists lean into shot from each side].
  8. Sam & Steff embrace on “found it” (close shot) - CUT.
  9. __________________________________________________
  10. CHORUS 1: Sam & Steff dance close (mix of wide / panning in circle) (Also mix in Pink Dress Steff)
  11. Steff spins away on “reminded…”
  12. __________________________________________________
  13. Back to wide shot w/ couch: “When you…” // Sam looking for something, Steff hands it to him on “things.”
  14. Steff crawls onto couch “seductively” toward Sam; almost-kiss, but Sam jumps up and grabs phone to make a call, runs out of shot (“somewhere else you’re s’posed to be”)
  15. Steff falls back onto couch - “you frustrate me”
  16. “picking me up again” Sam walks back into shot and grabs Steff’s hands, pulls her up! Tom enters with snare drum and walks off to left.
  17. “Makes it feel new again” : Sam & Steff_____. Chris enters door playing part on bass and exits to right
  18. CUT [turn setting around so that shot is from behind couch]
  19. “Rushing around” - Shot from behind couch; Steff is standing on couch and turns around to face camera
  20. “forget what we found” - Sam flips Steff off couch
  21. “brightest” Sam and Steff raise hands in air back-to-back (back to front angle)
  22. __________________________________________________
  23. CHORUS 2: More close dancing / mix of shots / add above shot???!
  24. BRIDGE: After “Keep You Around,” Steff runs to band in black & white wall (?) shot. Camera follows her and lights turn down as she is in between “rooms.” Lights turn back on as Steff jumps into the scene w/ band and begins playing
  25. Band plays. Wide / Panning / Close-ups. Include cuts to Pink Dress Steff.
  26. Overhead shot (?) of Steff singing “at” Sam as she circles him sitting on couch reading newspaper/playing video game.
  27. “guess I really need you that much” - Steff rests head on couch and looks lovingly at Sam; he glances up to notice her.
  28. Triple split screen shot of Steff singing each “out it, out it, out it” (all in same outfit or one Steff from each scene?)
  29. ____________________________________________________
  30. FINAL CHORUS: White screen; living room setting is gone. Steff desperately follows Sam; tries to grab his hand, he pulls away, Steff dancing but Sam not interacting. ( Wide + close shots + include shots of band playing, Pink Dress Steff singing)
  31. Final “Keep you around”: Sam has left shot, Steff keeps it together until after music stops, looks nervously at camera (close shot), looks toward Sam and runs off yelling “Wait!” (camera follows off set) Sam is shown walking off with a violinist on each arm; fade out.
  32. FIN.

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