My Mom's Adversity By Ryan overby

Adversity to me means, A difficulty you can conquer or try to deal with.

This is my mom, Lucille McFarland Overby. I picked my mom because she has overcome many adversities in her life like, her Father dying when she was only 14 because of smoking.

My mom was born at Milford Hospital on April 16
My mom had 2 children me and my brother. My brother is 9 years old and I'm 13 years old.

This is my Grandfather that died from smoking at the age of 44.

My mom was selected to be the teacher of the year. My mom works at Theodore Roosevelt School in Bridgeport CT.

My Mom's Dad died when she only 14 years old.She overcame his death by knowing that she had other family members to help her keep going and make sure she was okay.

My mom started working out at the edge and had a lot of support from her family. She has been eating healthy and

After is death a few years later she started working out at the edge to get slim. She wanted to work of all that fat she had on her from that time.

I learned my mom is doing fine and is happy about having me and my brother. I also learned my mom misses him a lot and wishes he was still her and how if he was still here how it would impact my brother and I's life. I also learned my mom is a strong, loving, caring and sweet person just like her father.

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