The Divine: A play for Sarah Bernhardt Sam khalil

My experience when attending the play, "The Divine: A play for Sarah Bernhardt" was a very interesting one. Going to the Reitz Union to attend the performance in the Constans Theatre was a new experience for me and I'm always excited to try new things. The theatre, the company, the atmosphere, and the play, all played a role in shaping the aesthetic for the night-which turned out to be a pleasing one.

The Constans Theatre connected to the Reitz Union was much larger than I anticipated. My seat for the performance was in the front row; walking towards my seat, I noticed that the first level of seats were eye-level with the stage. My view of the performance was very close to me in proximity and required me during some scenes to lean back in my chair to get a better look of the entire stage. My location in the theatre had a completely different view of the show from most other audience members, especially those in the back row. As the lights dimmed and the audience quieted, I was anxious for the show to start but also wish I was further back in the audience to get a better view. The role of place in the good life can make or break something-especially in a performance setting.
I attended the performance with two of my friends, both whom also attended dinner with my prior to the show. Along with getting dinner before the performance, I got dressed into nice clothing so that I would look appropriate when entering the building. Although I sat next to my friends, there were also many strangers surrounding us which contributed to my experience and made it interesting. The strangers around us disliked the play so they were making comments during the performance which made my experience less appealing. I believe that sharing experiences with other's enhances the good life, but the people around me actually detracted from it.
The play was set during the early 1900s. There was an extreme amount of poverty spread throughout the area and the main area of interest was set around the factory industry; the industry was shown to treat the workers and kids very harshly and going into the performance, I knew that the factories were a place of distaste from my prior knowledge. The church in this play helped reveal the flaws of the factory and I was more informed of the severity of the harshness after watching the performance. Also, the characters within the church and the characters who played actors were not allowed to intermingle because it was against the rules. I currently do not relate to any of the problems that occurred during the show, but I know people who do.'s%20Time/UF%20368_EXTERIOR_NORTH%20FACADE.jpg
"The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt" provides many opportunities for the word Katharsis. One of the characters who was playing a role in the church was having sexual relations with an actor which was very much frowned upon within the town. The character within the church came clean and admitted to all of his wrong doings with no regrets. Although this is not necessarily a positive announcement, the man still came clean and owned up to his own actions.

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