Monthly newsletter November 2016

The first day

Traditional welcome - traditional songs and dances mainly in region dialect

Our colleagues and classmates were welcomed with old slavian custom , with slice of bread and salt

Then we introduced them prepared challenge

After forming international teams which consist of five pupils, each one was from different country, teams started to design robots

Slovak challenge consisted of three missions

The first mission
Transplanting of young trees from plant nurcery into the forest
The second mission
Cleaning Tatras mountain lake from garbage
The third mission
The rescue of the wild animal from the rock

At the end of the first day we attended dance and light show

The second day

Whole day was focused on the evironmental aspect of our project

The main aim of this day was to increase pupils' awareness regards to the importance robots' work and the possibility of substitution human work by robots' work.

In the morning we visited company Rameko Ltd. which provide complete solutions of Waste management

Main goal of Rameko Ltd. is to recycle the waste or waste disposal with ecological manner and eliminate the landfilling of waste
Purpose of Waste management is to avoid the waste and eliminate its production, recover of waste with recycling, re-use and other process which allow to replace the use of secondary raw materials, use the waste as energy source and dispose them suitable manner

Then we moved to the other company which showed our students where ended everything we throw away into bins.

We tried to emphasize our pupils that there are some possibilities how to recycle and process common waste from households and the importance of separate waste.

Pupils could find out that specially plastic products can be re-used and then they won't pollute our environment

At the end of our field trip we decided to show our partners the most beautiful and the rarest what we have, beautiful nature and rare water reservoir

Starina reservoir - the biggest natural water barrier for drinking water in Slovakia and the biggest water reservoir in the central Europe.

Vihorlat observatory and Astronomical Observatory on Kolonica Saddle

Pupils developed their knowledge about pollution -
Each student could find his city or a country on the map of the luminous pollution in the World
The third day
Biology and bioexperiment

We prepared for this day new challenge for our students but not from robotics area but from biology

Prepared presentation at the beginning of the labwork day can be used as material tool for biology lessons and using of CLIL method in educational process

After short presentation in which apart from other facts about photosyntesis and leaf structure we explained our students what is their role and introduced them new vocabulary according to this topic,

students continued with bioexperiment

The aim of the biological experiment was to find out the difference between the epidermis structure of the monocots and dicots leaves
and pointed out the importance and location of individual leaf blade parts with focus on the photosynthesis

In the afternoon international teams carried on solving Slovak challenge

The fourth day

Our students worked every day from 9 am to 5 pm and we could see that although they were tired, they tried to do the best they could

The aim of this mission was to design robot that it cleans the mountain lake from garbage and carries it into the marked recycle place as quickly as possible

the aim of this mission was to program robot that the robot finds the young tree in the plant nurcery, picks it up and carries to the right place in the forest

the aim of mission was to design robot that it throwns the animal down and carries it to starting position. Robot had to get to rock without drowning in the mountain lake and crashing into rock and destruction of the planted forest

Thursday's afternoon we spent in our Vihorlat museum. We chose Natural Scientific exposition

This exposition and our project have the main idea in common. It is to aware the interest about nature and its active protection

The students got to know typical representants of our fauna and flora.

At the end of this working day we managed for them 'goodbye dinner' where the students could summarize the work in their teams, talked about their feelings, experiences and of course strengten their friendship with common conversation

The fifth day
Final day

This day was very important for each student and each team

Many of the students could show their knowledge and skills from programming for the first time.

The students were evaluated by teachers but also by their classmates from three aspects

1. There were two winners from bio labwork and bioexperiment
2. The winner team of whole robotic's challenge solved all three missions on time
3. Whole week the girls from Slovak team No. 1 evaluated social comptences within international teams
team spirit, collaboration, cooperation and respect, these competences were in the centre of attention
Final photo and project parter's schools went back home

Information about project and our activities and outputs were disseminated through local and national media

Slovak national radio broadcasted a report about Slovak mobility in their headline news

Slovak national TV came to Slovak primary school and besides getting some important information about project for its next broadcasting, they interviewed our students

Local TV - HNTV broadcasted information about the project and Slovak mobility as well

Slovak regional newspaper Humenský expres published report about Slovak mobility too.čania-sa-stávajú-priekopn%C3%ADkmi-v-robotickom-vzdelávan%C3%AD
Slovak challenge is over!

Short look at the Slovak challenge, Slovak mobility by Spanish students at the end of the report and.....

See you again in Greece

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