J. K. Rowling By: Ava Phillips

Most people know that J.K. Rowling wrote Harry Potter, but how much do you know about the author herself? Do you know about her childhood and struggles? If the answer to these queshtions is no, then you may answer yes after reading this page.

Hogwarts castle

Jo was greatly influenced by her childhood in her books. She even based Snape after one of her teachers, Mrs. Morgan. She was influenced by her favorite books and her family. A castle near her home is also said to be the influence for Hogwarts!

Severus Snape

Jo may be richer than the queen of England today, but she wasn't always this way. The first person to become a billionaire writing books, Jo began he adult life as a secretary. Sometimes she could only afford to feed her daughter, Jessica, and often went hungry. She also was a French teacher at a time.

Queen of England
Jane Austen

We all know that Jo herself is an amazing author, but who are some authors she was inspired by? As a young girl, Jo loved to read Jane Austen. She even named Filch's cat (Mrs. Norris) is named after one of her characters. Another one of her favorite authors would hide clues as to what would happen later in their books, and Jo wanted to to the same.

The first thing Jo bought with her new found wealth was a jacket. She said that it felt strange to spend money on herself and not worry about it, having once lived on public assistance. Imagine how she felt when she became a billionaire!

Jo had two husbands in her life so far. Her first husband she met in Portugal. His name was Jorge, and they had a daughter named Jessica. Her second husband is still married to her, his name is Niel and they have two children named David and Mackenzie.

Christoper Little

Harry Potter may be big today, but it didn't start out that way. It went through ’loads’ (as she says) of agents before finally being picked up by Christoper Little. Christoper then sold Harry Potter to Bloomsbury publishers.

Potter mania

Harry Potter was experiencing something people called ’Pottermania’. So many people loved this book! (Myself included). Once, a bookstore had to open after school let out so childeren wouldn't skip skip school to buy the book.

There you go. I hope some of your queshtions have been answered. J.K Rowling is an amazing person whose whole life can not be doom justice in just one page, so there is a lot more information out there. I hope you learned something new about my favorite author.

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