Wall or No Wall That is the question

Our current President, Donald Trump, has previously declared that he intends to construct a wall on the southern border of the United States of America. His reasoning can be explained in one terse statement; to prevent the intrusion of illegal immigrants into the country. This has proven to be extremely controversial. Below, we have deciphered each component of this idea, in order to provide a balanced overview of the situation.

Before we begin, we advise that you set aside any previous biases in order to have a clear, sensible opinion by the end of the presentation.


Factors pertaining to more personal aspects.


The work on the wall could provide job opportunities for immigrants that could send the money back to their family.

68% percent of Americans support increased border security

Out of over 2,000, more than 6 of 10 Republicans disagree with Trump’s wall and 8 of 10 Democrats disagree with the wall.


Families could be split apart from the immigrants residing in the US for work.

Immigrants in the US could have a harder time getting mail and money to their families in other countries who depend on the money to survive.

Mexico is unwilling to contribute to paying for the wall and Trump had said that he would make Mexico pay for the all.

40-50% of immigrants enter the states in legal airplanes and then just overstay their visa


Perhaps the second most sensitive factor; after all, it involves money.


Offers jobs to americans

Offers jobs to americans

Reenforces laws

More money would go to union led workers


It would cost $750 million more per year to police the wall with armed immigration guards.

It is questionable whether or not Trump could convince Mexico’s government to invest a single penny in such a mammoth structure.


Lastly, we must think about our planet and how this will affect it.


Could provide shade from the harsh sun for animals who don’t get much in the desert.

Could be a place for animals to build homes where trees have been knocked down for the construction of the wall.


The wall would cut through 1,900 miles of land. The land consists of valleys, mountains, deserts, rivers, Indigenous land, private land, and state property.

Would separate habitats of animals which could break up families and they may die from not being able to fend for themselves.

The wall would cut through Indigenous land and there would be a lot of protests on the protection of the land. For example, a similar thing happened on the Dakota Pipeline.

Cut off water flow in designated areas

Thank you for your time. Now, come tell us what you think!

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