Good Life Performance Ryan rosengard

Spatial Experience: The Physical setting of the theater was nothing like anything I've ever experienced. A live performance is interesting and fun in how interactive it is. I loved how the actors would come out into the audience for dialogue. It just felt so real. I was sitting towards the back left, so I wasn't able to interact with the actors as much, but the overall atmosphere was the same and I had the same experience as everyone else in the theater. As soon as the lights dimmed I had no idea what to do other than stop talking and pay attention. I assumed that it was similar to the commercials ending before the the movie starts in a movie theater. The size of the auditorium made the experience even better. Place can can be a huge factor in the good life because the setting can set the mood, or can even be associated with a certain mood.

The Social Experience: I attended the performance with some of me good friends, but i also sat with others who I met that day. The only thing I did to prepare myself for the play was reading the rubric before hand to make sure I knew what I had to do at the play for this assignment. Attending with my friends made the experience that much better because I had other people there to share my thoughts with and to get other perspectives on the play. shared experience is a major part of the good life because in my opinion the good life can't be accomplished as an individual. It takes others to guide, help, and enlighten you to reach the good life.

The Cultural and Intellectual Experience: After going to this performance I now have a better understanding about why my culture still has theater. Going to this play opened my eyes to a new form of entertainment. I also learned more about my culture from the actual play itself. I learned more about working conditions in the 1900's, and how people lived in general back then. I also learned about the lack of a middle class how how the rich and the poor never really new that much about each other because they never interacted with each other. In my opinion, the central issue was the conflict between different perspectives throughout a community. I did not know very much about the subject going into this play, and therefore had a completely open mind. This play made me realize how important it is for the different people on a community to interact so they know what each of them are going through in their day to day life and are more understanding of opposing thoughts. After this play I now realize that most of those who are less fortunate are probably working just as hard as me and deserve some help.

The Emotional Experience: I am of the belief that this entire play was about katharsis. In the play Sarah Bernhardt ends up trying to amend her mistakes after visiting the sewing shop and witnessing the terrible conditions and even a child dying. But also, most of the characters end up coming clean by the end of the performance in their own way to make up for the bad they have done. After watching all of these characters coming clean and doing what is right, the members of the audience might be inspired to come clean and make amends with whatever is wrong in their own life.

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