Learning Lab Cutrell

Station 1: Connections with Coding in the Real World - In the real world, we have to have some kind of direction in life. The same applies with coding. In order to send the Sphero to its destination, it must be given accurate directions. In real life, if there aren't directions to follow, we aren't going to know where to go or where we are once we get there.

Station 2: Design Thinking - Having empathy helped me to reflect on the kinds of deficits I might come across when creating a lesson. If I expect my lessons to be positive learning experiences for students, I have to make sure that I modify their lessons specifically to how they learn; minimizing frustration, yet holding them responsible for their learning. Emphasizing means caring and understanding that each child may need a different approach to get the same results I need to them get.

Station 3: Prototyping & Modeling - I thoroughly enjoyed using Tinkercard and the 3D printer. Students could use this especially during an area and perimeter lesson. As the teacher, I could make manipulatives for my students to help them better understand the content that they are struggling with.

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