My Perfect Utopia The community of zel

Zel is composed of around 1k square acres of land, mainly for the observation of the beauty of nature.

This is our flag. It represents that everyone is connected somewhere, and should be kind and prosperous towards each other.

Our constitution is small, yet it gives many abilities to ammend and change, and also sets our very important rules and guidlines to Zel.

Green colored areas mark fields for farming. Light blue marks the leaders resident. Light purple is the childrens school. Maroon is the community houses, dark blue are fishing huts/ fishing areas. Pink is hunting grounds. Yellow is roads. Brown is the council house. Gray is the wall surrounding the community. Dark red is the childrens playground.
This is our ad to atract people to come to Zel.

We do not have currency, there is no need.

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Ian Hartt

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