Art portfolio

Justin Timothy Pake I'm 17 years old I'm a east student this is my third year in art class my experience in art has brought me along ways then when I first started in art class I wanna work at a factory with my mom I learned a lot of hard stuff but it turned out really easy I really enjoy this class it's been a blast to be in art

This is my blind drawing that we took a few moments and closed our eyes and we drew what we thought about in our mind
This Is my negative and postive space drawing of to dark and lot areas such shown with how much light was in the picture and the value I added
This is my first time drawing a hand
This is my after hand drawing
This is my side profile picture drawing with texture and value
This is my stippling drawing used with a sharpie marker
This is my still life drawing
My scratch board drawing I enjoyed this project it turned out like a actual picture in real life
This is my two point perspective drawing looks like a real door
This is my 1st drawing of my self
This is my after drawing of myself

The challanges I had were the drawings of the eyes noes heads and ears I improved drawing my self portraits

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