Charles Darwin and the Beagle By: John Lepping

January 4, 1832- Darwin arrived on they Madeira Island on the Beagle

Two days later the Beagle arrived at the port of Santa Cruz at Tenerife Island

January 16, 1832- The Beagle arrived at the Cape Verde Islands and anchored at Porto Praya

February 7, 1832- The Beagle left Santiago and sailed towards Brazil, stopping for one day St. Paul's rock

February 28, 1832- The Beagle arrived at Salvador (Bahia), Brazil, and anchored in All Saints Bay.

Jan. 1833 - Nov. 1833

Darwin visits the Falkland Islands

Darwin explores Buenos Aires

Darwin explores the Rio Negro

Darwin leads the Gaucho life

The boats returned to Woolya Cove on February 6 to check up on the Fuegians

June 1834- December 1834

Arrival at Valparaiso

Darwin's 1st Andes expedition

FitzRoy's nervous breakdown

Survey of Chiloe Island

Survey of Earthquake damage

January 1835-December 1835

Darwin's 3rd Andes expedition

FitzRoy saves the HMS Challenger

Survey of the Peru coastline

Survey of Galapagos Archipelago

March 1836- October 1836

Exploring the Cocos Islands

The Begale arrives at South Africa

Arrival at St. Helena Island

The return to South America

The Azores are Spotted

Finally home in England

The Fate of the Beagle

Created By
John Lepping

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