Development Journal By Paige Gregory

Initial Problems

Managing Life
  • Communication in Relationships- Communicating any issues and working them out.
  • Knowledge on how to be ‘Successful’ (Career/ Life Goals)- How to achieve my goals?
  • Keeping in touch with family/ long distance friends
Open Innovation
  • Learning about different cultural arts/ music- unbiased
  • Gaining feedback on your creative work- critical feedback and how to make it better-public/ safe space
  • Coming up with creative/ original ideas- mind block
Active Citizenship
  • Recycling/ saving energy
  • Safety of women- walking alone, fear of assault, fear of travelling alone
  • Students not being taken seriously for opportunity/ professionalism/ work

Refined Problems

Communication in Relationships

Communicating any issues and working them out...

A virtual/ online therapy/ counseling app to help couples with their problems and communicating. Targeting couples, of any age, who have issues with openly communicating in person, or don’t have time to see a guidance counselor, want to improve their relationship. Ruling out children and the elderly, who are unfamiliar with technology. There are online materials which can do this already, the app can be personalized for you and your partner (quiz/ tasks/ etc.)

Safety of Women

Walking alone, fear of assault, fear of travelling alone...

An app you can trigger when you press a button or shout/ call a safe word when you feel unsafe or threatened, where the company which tracks your location and can listen in through your phone microphone, to check you are safe/ get home safely/ walking alone. Also gives option to request company within your area who are also feeling unsafe so you can help each other/ walk together. Also doesn’t require data/ service or WIFI it uses satellite, or something so can be used all over the world. For young girls who live alone/ must travel alone, who are scared for their safety.

I'm sure there are services for this, but not which suit the needs for young girls, whether it is on a night out and they want to leave or if they are travelling around Asia, it enables them to live their lives with knowledge that they have a way to be more safe. If anything, happens they are more likely to be found due to the microphone recording and location and possibly camera? And for the company service, it may prevent any assault. I could use a bracelet to trigger the app, so it is always on, etc.

Coming up with Creative/ Original Ideas

When you are having a mind block and struggle to come up with an idea...

An app where you can brainstorm ideas, and gives you suggestions/ inspiration, based off/ related to your ideas, giving you an idea which you can develop. It also gives information on similar ideas which are already created, therefor allowing you to create a ‘better’ idea and make it stand out from competitors. It also gives you tips and questions to think about which really help you develop your idea and think about things you would normally forget about. For entrepreneurs/ young creatives/ students who are having trouble exploring and creating an idea where they have a restricted time or deadline. Or just want to think of the best idea they can. I’m sure there are notebook/ brainstorm apps but not defined for idea developing, whether it's logical or creative. It gives logical/ related recommendations based on the information given.

Results of the Peer Review Exercise

Idea 1: Relationships

Potential for impact: 4

Originality: 5

Appropriateness for Project Brief: 5

Target Audience accessibility: 4

Problems: May be too much data to organise, especially with a quiz or questionnaire to suit each individual.

Idea 2: Women's Safety App

Potential for impact: 4

Originality: 5

Appropriateness for Project Brief: 5

Target Audience accessibility: 4

Problems: Very serious and broad problem, may be harder to find a potential solution. May not work 100%. Can not guarentee safety.

Idea 3: Creative Ideas

Potential for impact: 5

Originality: 4

Appropriateness for Project Brief: 5

Target Audience accessibility: 4

Problems: The target audience is very broad, as it is for any creative. May be too overcomplicated as many sources have to be found in order to create examples, meaning that it demands a lot of data.

I presented my 3 ideas to the group and the idea which seemed to have the most positive effect was idea 3- Coming up with creative/ original ideas. My peer review exercise was with two boys, which meant I only had a masculine outlook on the ideas, therefore there are different preferences as the other ideas, are mainly for women. The guys liked idea 1 because it is a very common problem with relationships, being able to communicate correctly, as everyone has different outlooks/ opinions/ feelings/ etc. Although they didn’t think it would be something they would use that much, also had a lot of questions, such as ‘Is it a different app for males and females?’ ‘Is it questionnaires or an online chat/ call thing?’. I said it can be designed to personalize anyone, even the LGBT community. As its more about what kind of partner you are, not what gender you are. They weren’t as bothered with idea 2 as it is mainly targeted for girls, and boys don’t understand how it feels to feel vulnerable and restricted due to fear of being assaulted or your safety. (Feeling weak/ etc.)

One person suggested the Creative idea would be more popular because it is something people (students/ creatives) would use on a regular basis.

I then presented my ideas to a group of girls and I had a very different response. The girls really liked the Women’s safety idea as it relates and appeals to them because they can understand and are faced with that problem regularly. They loved the idea of having a bracelet with the trigger for the app, so they have that sense of security. Also, they like the idea of the find a buddy idea, where you can see other people with a bracelet in your area. They liked the creative idea too and found the relationship on relationships more appealing because they want to find a way to communicate with their partners easier.

Finalized Problem

An app for women's safety while travelling alone

An app which is linked to an accessory (bracelet/ ring/ necklace/ etc.) which contains a trigger to the app which uses location tracking and mic to alert security when you feel unsafe/ threatened etc. It uses satellite so Wi-Fi isn’t needed and can be used for free worldwide so can be good for solo women travelers. Also has a ‘pal’ feature where you can connect with people who has an accessory in your area. I decided to go with this idea as it is a more serious problem, and I think that it will be a more beneficial solution, as people I know would genuinely use it, including myself. I also think I have a lot of evidence and case studies which can support this problem, as it is so well known and serious.

App Proposal

I used Adobe XD to create the App Proposal as it gives me more flexibility with the layout and presentation of the information, which I personally think is more appealing and interesting to read, as it includes colour and visuals. As well as a designed layout and structure. I find that using XD is very similar to Illustrator, yet has a clean, minimalistic look and uses simplicity to appeal to creatives. This results in faster productivity.

Research Sources:
  • (HNN Newswire, 2018)
  • (Verney, 2019)
  • (Patient, 2018)

Workshop Adobe XD Tutorial

In the week 2 workshop we had an Adobe XD tutorial, where we were taught the basics of how to use the software, regarding app design. I found that the software was very simple and easy to use, as the layout was very neat and minimalistic, yet still gives you a large variety of tools to be creative. Such as the shape layer tools which are similar to Adobe Illustrator, enabling me to create different shapes which are fully customizable and easy to manipulate and move.

The task we were given was to recreate a Chat App, following what we were shown by James Field in the workshop. We had to create the basic Wireframe Design, to understand the basic structure and how the app functioned. Then we were asked to design it and make it look more appealing.

Here is the basic wireframe design, the basic blueprint of how the app will work. It is extremely similar to the example, as we were taught to replicate it. I decided to add a few changes such as the ‘seen’ symbol and shading in the sender’s text box.
Here is my final design where I used the shape tools/ color and images to make it stand out. I used the shape tools to create a mouth shape, but cutting and adding shapes together, then using different shades to contrast and define the shapes. I went for the white/ grey color scheme as it is very neutral, which makes the red mouth stand out, which is effective as it catches the user’s eye. I used images for the profiles to make it look more realistic and used names of friends and family.

Target Audience

I used also used Adobe XD to create the Research Source and Target Audience.

This problem is likely to come in a form of an app, as it requires easy access. The targeted audience tend to have smart phones such as iPhone, Samsung, Google, etc. This means that creating an app will be beneficial as it is convenient and effective. It is also a modern response which requires new technologies, which appeal to the targeted age bracket.

As my targeted audience is women are mainly between the age bracket of (18-25), this means they are most likely tech savvy, use social media, apps and keep updated with the latest gadgets, etc. This means that an app would be an appropriate response to the problem for the targeted audience. Women within this age bracket, tend to be obsessed with social media apps such as Instagram and Snapchat. This means that they are used to the functionality and layout of these apps. As there are apps that already exist which are related to the problem, it means that my app needs to stand out. Therefore, I want to incorporate ideas from famous apps such as Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Spotify, etc. As they are used a lot within the (18-25) age bracket, especially by females and university students. Travel apps such as Skyscanner and Airbnb are very popular with my targeted audience as they are for young adults who love to travel. Therefore, I want to incorporate assets from these apps to make mine stand out from competitors. Whether its the functionality, creativity or features.

Research Plan

Research Sources:
  • (Hennessy, 2020)
  • (Rainn, 2020)
  • (Specia, 2019)
  • (Addis, 2020)
  • (Conroy, 2017)
  • (Perreault, 2015)

Research Analysis

HNN: Survey Shows Female Solo Travelers Feel Unsafe


Hotel News Now created a news article regarding a survey, researching if female solo travellers feel unsafe. I decided to use this source as it is relevant to the problem I have chosen for my app, providing evidence that women do feel unsafe while travelling alone. Meaning that my app would appeal to their targeted audience. The positives with using this article is that it uses survey responses, meaning that I can use the statistics to support my argument. The article also includes situations where women feel the most vulnerable and what helps women feel less threatened. The negatives are that the data groups could be too small, meaning that the audience may be too small, so the results may be biased. I will apply it to my project as I can create a sense of trust and reliability, by targeting certain areas around what women find non-threatening.

The Lincolnite: Man Found Guilty of Lincoln Graduate Grace Millane’s Murder


The Lincolnite created a news article regarding the tragic murder of Grace Millane. Grace was travelling alone in New Zealand, when she was murdered after a Tinder date gone wrong. I decided to use this source as a case study to support the argument that young women are potentially in danger while travelling alone. Even though Grace's murder was due to meeting the wrong person on a date, many may argue that if she was not travelling alone, a different result may have occurred, meaning she may be alive today. Therefore, many people blame the idea of solo travelling, as women are put in a more vulnerable position as they are more trusting to strangers. This is a useful source to University of Lincoln students, as there is an emotional connection, as she was a graduate of the university. There is also a lot of sympathy for her story which means there is a personal and emotional connection with the story and the targeted audience. Especially with young female graduates/ students who want to travel alone.

Daily Star: Backpacker, 25, raped and killed in first country she visited on round-the-world trip


The Daily Star wrote an article on Maria Mathus Tenorio who was killed in the first country she visited, while she was backpacking around the world. I have used this as a case study source as it supports the idea that women are victimised while travelling alone as they are seen as easy victims, vulnerable and naive. I can use case studies to create an app to potentially become the solution, to an extent. As my app could prevent someone from being in a vulnerable situation, and if they do find themselves in such a situation, then they can reach out for help using the app.


Eyewatch SOS For Women


This is a security app for women, which enables them to trigger emergency alerts through the app, which sends location, camera, etc. Uses GPS, GPRS and 3G. Helps with; Assault on Women, Road Rage, Accidents, Medical Emergency, and Personal Security Threats. It does dramatically decrease battery life due to constant GPS. I decided to look into this app as it is a solution to the problem, women's safety. I don't really like the aesthetic of this app as i think it looks very boring and dull. There are graphics, yet they are simple line drawings, which look very basic. I dont like that the personal alert button has a gradient, yet everything else is a flat colour. Also the colour scheme is not the most appealing, the purple for femininity is effective, yet it looks very monotone and has no dynamics.
My SafetiPin


Uses GPS to show safety information about your location, the score is a validated measure, calculated by considering several parameters that impact the perception of safety in an area, and opinions of users. Enables you to find the safest route. It also allows you to conduct an audit. This is more of a review based/ scoring app where people can see opinions and scores of locations based on how safe they are. I decided to look into this app as it contains the map feature which allows you to make safer decisions. I liked this feature as it allows people to act differently using the app.
Smart 24
The app tracks your location and allows you to trigger emergency alerts and communicate with a monitoring team. It allows you to shake the phone to notify the team, even when your phone is locked. I like the clean and proffessional aesthetic with this app, the colour scheme is consistant, yet varied which compliments eachother.
bSafe- Personal Safety App
This app allows you to live stream and share it with your connections and activate SOS which automatically records and sends your current location. It also has voice activation which activates an alarm when they say a key phrase. You can set up connections with friends and family, who are also notified. This is my favourite for functionality and aesthetic, as it looks very appealing and easy to use, it also looks very proffessional and sleek.

Overall Competition Analysis


  • Trustworthy Appearance (Consistancy with; Theme, Brands, Typefaces, Colour Schemes, Ease of Access)
  • Simplicity, Easy to Understand
  • Useful Features
  • My SafetiPin uses scoring systems
  • I like the layout of bSafe, as it looks more professional, sharp and neat.


  • Too Similar (No Unique Selling Point)
  • Eyewatch- Not aesthetically appealing
  • Could have more creative layouts

I think overall, the competitive apps are too similar and don't stand out to the targeted audience as they have nothing that really jumps out. I think the bSafe app is the most appealing of the apps, yet it still has no personality, it looks more robotic and less trustworthy. It also uses purple to bring femininity to the app. I do not like that it uses a deep and high contrasted red for the SOS button as it makes it look a little to harsh, but then it can suggest danger, which is effective. I will apply this to my app design, as I do not want it to look dull, boring and too robotic. I want to create a trustworthy, personal and dynamic connection with the targeted audience.

Unique Selling Point

From my research, I have created a USP for my app, which will make it stand out from competitors. I have decided to use external devices as my USP, meaning that if the target audience is in a dangerous situation and is unable to get out their phone, or their phone is unreachable at that moment, then they can use external devices, such as a special bracelet containing a trigger/ GPS and mic, Apple Watch or FitBits. I have not found any other competitors which use this feature to this extent, which makes my app stand out and is more appealing to the women in need of protection. This is also easy to take while you travel which means it is very convinient and useful. The fact that it is on you at all times, also ensures you are always protected and are able to call for help anywhere, at all times. Even if your phone is deep inside your bag or out of reach.

As well as this, I will attempt to make my app more creative/ aesthetically appealing and look professional, which will stand out from the competition, as well as attract the targetted audience.


I am using the competitors as inspiration for my app, recreating and adapting certain features. Such as location GPS and mic tracking for safety purposes, ICE contacts to personalise apps for you to add close friends or family

Aesthetics, Functionality, Creativity and Emotional Inspirations

Snapchat is one of the most popular apps with the (18-25yrs) audience, I can incorporate the fluid, minimalist functionality of the app and use it within my own. This is effective as it makes it very appealing for the targeted audience, as they are familiar with the aesthetic, format and functions.


I like the aesthetic with this UI App design, the use of vector based graphic and the clean, organisation makes it look proffessional.


I like the aesthetics and creativity of this UI App design, it uses simple shape and graphic to create a structure which is easy to understand, yet interesting and attractive to look at.


I like the use of colour, shape and elegance within this app design. It uses grapics and visuals to create the aesthetic. I like the smooth look of the curved boxes with shadows and no stroke to make it look clean and effective.
PureGym App layout- navigation bar, visual graphics. Life 360 App- Map feature, simple to use and easy to understand. This is similar to my app, regarding safety location tracking, yet it is for families so they can monitor and track their location and battery life, etc.

Audience Personas

I have looked at different examples of audience personas to use as inspiration for my own creations. I like the idea of using graphics to show the traits/ behaviours, as well as the use of colour to separate the goals and pains. I like the look of the eclipse chart in the Colleen example, although I don’t like the colour scheme. I like the use of simplicity and the sleek look in the Visual Learner example. I like the idea of the speed charts to visualise the behaviours in the Julia example. I also like the bars within the 'Just In Mind' example. I like the use of the dotted lines to separate sections and line spacing.
HAVEN Audience Personas

I decided to use two women for my audience personas, as women are the targeted audience for my app. I decided to use a younger woman, who is a student at university. She is more naïve, confident and has less responsibilities but still wants to feel safe while travelling alone. For my second persona I decided to use an older woman, so that we could see the comparison between the two extremes. The older woman has a family to think about but loves travelling as it makes her feel young. She feels as though she is required to be more observant and careful, as she has children to provide for. Both women require security and the feeling that they are protected, or able to call for help if they need it, yet both women have different reasons for this.

Using Adobe XD for Audience Personas

I found that using Adobe XD for this task is very effective and easy to use. It allows more flexibility for creativity, making it look more aesthetically pleasing. I found it very effective when I wanted to create the second artboard for my second audience persona, as I could just duplicate the artboard and it keeps the layout and content, allowing me to manipulate areas to change the text/ colors/ etc. Keeping a consistent theme and layout. Using the web layout instead of the iPhone X layout gave me a lot more space to be creative, as it is a bigger canvas to create content and store more information. This means I can create an engaging layout for the information. I used the layers, color, opacity and shape tools to create the behavior/ traits chart with the eclipse tools. I thought this was effective as it was a creative and engaging way to visualize the information, through graphics.


I decided to create a mood board of different UI app designs and prototypes as inspiration for my app. I liked the fluid animations and simplicity within the designs. I also preferred the vector based graphics which use shadows to create more depth, as this looks very aesthetically appealing. I thought the designs in the mood board looked very proffessional, organised and were very consistent with the colour scheme, graphics and layout.
I looked into different logo designs, therefore decided to create a mood board for inspiration. I liked the simple, minimalistic design. I also thought this looked very proffessional and feminine. They are also easy to notice and very memorable which is important when creating a logo. I liked the use of the hands, as it symbolises guidance and care. I also thought it could be used to symbol a 'helping hand'. I like that they use vector graphics to merge different icons together to create the logo, which is very aesthetically pleasing and creative.

I’ve been thinking about what to do for the Women’s safety idea, therefore I need to come up with a name for the App… I decided to mind map a few ideas and explore some different names.

I used the Noun Project for icon inspiration: I started creating simple icon oulines for my logo, experimenting with the letter V, the eclipse for the ‘world’ and the female icon/ hands symbol: I decided to add colour and a white stroke as it complimented the logo. I found the pastel, earthy and neutral colours appealing as they were elegant and feminine, yet contrasted eachother, making it stand out.

I came up with the name ‘Virago’ which is Latin for a female heroine/ a powerful, strong woman. Related to the word ‘vigorous’. I thought this was effective as it has a meaning behind it which compliments the purpose of the app, to make women feel stronger and safe to travel alone. I then experimented with a few logo sketches to get an initial idea. I played around with the women’s symbol, the earth and the letter V, as well as using hands as a symbol for protection and guidance.


I went with these colour palettes as inspiration as I thought they create a very cinematic and attractive aesthetic, as they compliment eachother and use earthy tones, neutrals and pastels. This relates to the target audience as it relates with earth, travel and femininity.

Style Tile
I decided to use shades of grey for the neutral, calming tones. The earthy blues and hints of pink/ purple bring femininity to the colour scheme which is relevant to the targetted audience, being women. I used the font Lato, with the thin typeface style for the title as I thought it looked elegant, proffessional and trustworthy. It also looked sharp, sleek and clean. Which is the style I was aiming for the app. For the subheading, I used the bold style, this makes it stand out from the other text, yet still remaining consitent with the font. Regading the components and icons, I created them using Adobe XD with the shape toold, and added shadows and removing the strokes, this makes them look more 3D and smooth. I used imagery of independent women, freedom and solo travel to relate to the theme of confidence, independence and femininity within the app concept.

Adobe XD Prototype Development

I used Adobe XD to create a prototype to experiment with the software and see how the app may look: I used what we learnt with the Chat App workshop task, and just playing around to see what I could create.

I then decided to use the hands icon instead of the feminine symbol to represent security and protection like the hands are supporting the earth.

After asking friends and family for feedback, most replied with a similar outcome; they thought that the name resembled ‘Viagra’ too much and at a first glance they read it wrong. This made me consider changing the name as I wouldn’t want people to associate the app with that. Therefore I came up with the name ‘HAVEN’ like a safe haven- a place you feel secure and protected. It also sounded very feminine and elegant, which follows the sleek, elegant, minimalistic style. I decided to go with this as it uses simplicity to create an effective image. I decided to create Mock-Ups of the App for the compatible devices, such as Apple Watch/ Fit Bit. I also made an iPhone Mock Up so that I could see how it would look on different phone colours.

Because I changed the name to ‘Haven’ I tried to see if I should change the V icon in the logo with a H. I found that I prefered the V icon, as it matches up with the V in the name of the app in the log in page. It also looks more aesthetically pleasing and complimentary. I created a wireframe design, the basic blueprint for the app design. I created a navigation menu at the bottom where you can interact with each section, location, pairing, settings, profile and the home page. I also created a loading screen followed by the log in page, which is how you open the app.

I then added color to create a theme and make it look more pleasing to the eye. I used the neutral greys/ greens to match the earthy tone/ elegance and femininity. I decided to use the font ‘Lato’ in thin to create that sharp, clean type which looks very elegant and modern. It is also very clean and easy to understand which relates to the minimalistic style. I also decided to add a voice activation transition with the phrase ‘Safe Haven’ which moves to the device pairing page.

I decided to make a few changes with the App Design; I added animated features using the auto animate transition with time triggers, I did this to make the logo animate as well as change the position/ scale/ rotation of the logo to make it seem like different elements, all linked together, such as the loading screen, the flip into the A for ‘Haven’ and the log in page logo, pointing down towards the log in details section. I also changed the hands icon to have a rounder point, rather than linear ends, this makes them have more fluidity and elegance. I also took away the white border to make it look cleaner and more illustrative. I decided to add a different approach with the Log in Page, such as adding more shapes/ shades and type, such as ‘Welcome to HAVEN’ and ‘Log in to continue’ to give the user more instruction and an overall better experience with the App.

I decided to add more purples, which adds a touch of femininity, as this app is targeting women.

I watched a few YouTube videos for tips on how to use the Auto-Animate feature in XD, I then used what I learnt and applied it to my project. I had an issue figuring out the time trigger transition, which animates automatically without a trigger such as tap, etc. I searched it and realised that you needed to select the whole artboard, to be able to use the time trigger, rather than assets within the artboard. Here are the videos I watched:

App Structure Design
Here is the final design layout for the Haven App on Adobe XD. This shows the structure of the app and each screen which I have animated/ designed. Horizontally showing the different sections within the app, including; loading screen, landing screen/ log in page, home page, navigation menu, account, location, pair devices and settings. Vertically showing the depth within each section, creating more depth within the app.

In one of the workshops, I learnt a few new things which helped me out with the app features/ design. I learnt about the use of compartments and different states within Adobe XD. I decided to use this with the account page and the location crime map. Within the account page, I reduced the number of screens which appeared on the structure, which made it easier to organise. I then created different states which included the different areas of the Account page, such as ICE contacts, account history, edit details and store. Regarding the crime map, I used states to add pop-ups for the crime exclamation mark icons, this means that there are two states. A default state which is solely the icon, and the second state which includes a pop up box. Then create a tap trigger which makes the pop up appear when you tap on it.

HAVEN App Prototype Development Video

Explainer Development



  • Do you want to feel confident while travelling alone? Wish you could feel safe and independent while exploring the world?
  • Do you love travelling?
  • Hate feeling vulnerable and dependent on others?


  • Women feel too scared to travel alone due to fear for their safety.
  • Women are faced with many threats while travelling alone.
  • The crime/ assualt rate is extremely high for women travelling alone.


  • Introducing Haven
  • Safety travel app for Women
  • Protective helping hand

How does it help?

  • Easily accessible
  • Protective tool at your fingertips
  • Can be useful incase of emergencies
  • Allows women to feel more independent
  • Makes women feel less vulnerable and more responsible with planning a safe journey

How does it work?

  • Location and mic tracking
  • Crime reports/ Crime Map
  • ICE Contacts
  • Voice activation/ safe words
  • Safe mode
I hand drew a storyboard for the explainer video...
These assets were created in Adobe XD using the shape tools and the Icon4Design plug in, and transferred over to After Effects to create the Explainer Video.
To create the explainer video, I used After Effects. I used keyframes for position, scale and rotation to animate the assets which were imported from Adobe XD, as well as creating new ones from the shape layer tools within After Effects. I also used youtube videos from the lecture slides on Blackboard to help with animating on AE as well as creative transitions to help the video flow smoothly. I also used the exclusion tools to make the 3D iPhone for the app previews, this enabled me to rotate them in a 3D space to give some depth to the video and make it more interesting to look at. I used path keyframes to manipulate the shape of an object, so that over time the shape will change, I used this with the phone, person and heart symbol.

I decided to use music and narration, as well as the visual graphics to make the video more proffessional and interesting. I used a microphone to record my narration, and used royalty free music in the background to create a more uplifting mood. This will be more appealing to viewers. This was also edited in After Effects.

Final Designs

Haven iPhone App
These iPhone Mock-Ups were created for the Crowdfunding Proposal to visualise the features of the app.
Apple Watch Format
I created a prototype for the app on external devices, such as the Apple Watch. This is so that you can visualise the app across multiple formats.
Beauty Shot
Log in Page- Landing Screen


Throughout this project I have explored my creativity, developed and adapted my skills in order for me to visualise my ideas and bring them to life. I have found many difficulties and weaknesses. One weakness was the time deadline, working on such a large and demanding project in such a short space of time was very challenging for me, as I was required to prioritise and manage my time efficiently, as well as trying to create an attractive, practical and functioning product which appeals to the targeted audience, as well as being proud of my work. I thought that learning a new piece of software in a short amount of time would be very challenging, learning Adobe XD. Although, XD has been extremely beneficial to me as I now use it as a top Adobe product. Whether it is to create UI app designs and functioning prototypes, audience personas, proposals and even just using it to visualise information in a more innovative and creative way. I have even used Adobe XD as a replacement for Illustrator in some cases, such as creative vector-based graphics and assets. These were used in After Effects when creating the Explainer video. I enjoyed creating the UI app design as it was very interactive and demanded an eye for practicality and creativity. I found myself getting lost in time while creating the app prototype as I became focused and determined to create something, I was proud of.

Another challenge I faced was that I had finished the app design on Adobe XD before we had workshops on developing skills, therefore I found on a few occasions that I learned a shortcut or a more effective way of working after I had already created my prototype. Although this was still beneficial as it allowed me to continue to adapt and develop my prototype to be the final product I desired. Graham taught me a few tips such as adding colours and compartments within the assets folder on XD meaning that I can manipulate the asset from the folder, and it changes the everything with that asset/ colour selected at once. This would’ve saved me a lot of time if I had known this before, as I had made many changes with colour throughout the process, due to a change of mind and opinion. Luckily, I had learnt this so it means that I can use the colour swatches to make changes to multiple assets at once, for example the orange icons/ symbols. I later changed them to blue which matched the colour on the HAVEN logo of the earth, to match the colour scheme. I originally made them orange because I thought it resembled danger, caution and awareness, but later found that it stood out of the colour scheme more than I would like.

Overall, I learned that I really enjoyed this project and I like the UI and UX Design aspect of digital media and would love to explore. I already found myself searching for new ways to learn new skills within this area, by using YouTube videos and searching online to learn way to improve and adapt my app.


The HAVEN women’s safety travel app is an effective solution to a very serious problem which effects women across the globe. The problem being, women feeling to scared, vulnerable or incapable of travelling alone and too dependant on others. This effects confidence and the feeling of independence and strength. The HAVEN app is used as a protective tool which they can use at their fingertips. It allows women to feel as though, if they are in a vulnerable situation and feel victimised or unsafe, then the app can be used to call out for help. It is also used as a way to avoid areas with high crime rates, meaning that they can potentially avoid certain risky areas. All this is to prevent the worst-case scenario and keep women safe while travelling alone. The positives of the app are; that it is extremely easy to access, from the use of external devices, the app can be activated and used even in the most restricting situations. Such as having your phone hidden deep inside your bag or if someone was in a dodgy neighbourhood and felt unsafe to get out their phone, in case it was to get stolen. An app is a very reliable and convenient solution to many problems, especially regarding this problem. As women can be victimised at any time, it is very important for the solution to be on you at all times, and with this modern lifestyle with technology and phones, by using an app, which is most likely on you at all times, is very convenient. The positives of the app design is that it is very professional and uses strong vector graphics which represent protection, care and trust. From the use of the hand’s icon and the earth, representing community. This suggests that the target audience is more likely to trust my logo compared to competitors. It is also very recognisable due to the simple spacing and compact design, meaning that it can be used on any format and completely resizable. The voice recognition feature is very effective, as it allows people to use their voices to literally call out for help.

As this issue is so strong and has serious consequences, this means that the negatives are that there is no actual way to prevent this problem, all the app can do is hopefully provide the audience with the tool they may need in order to prevent it, or even avoid being in such a situation. The downside of having such a real- world problem such as abuse, murder, assault and kidnapping, is that an app can not 100% prevent a criminal’s actions. But it will give the resource of calling out for help in a more advanced way, that could save your life. Another downside is that, even though it can be used without Wi-Fi, it doesn’t mean that it can be used in areas which are completely cut off from network and signal. To improve, id suggest using advanced technology which allows the app to be used anywhere on earth for free. Also the organisation who are listening and monitoring their safety would need many employees in order to have fast and reliable response times. This means that many jobs would need to be created which would cost a lot of money and resources.


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