It Never Stops Burning Door to hell

The door to hell is technically called a gas crater. The locals from Darvaza, Turkmenistan are the people who came up with the name Door to Hell. The tourist sight is called Darvaza crater.
Darvaza Crater

In 1971, Soviet scientists set up a drilling platform in Darvaza, Turkmenistan. They were looking for underground gasses. In less than 3 months of the drilling platform being constructed, it was unstable and collapsed. Fearing that the methane gas from underground would spread to the nearest towns and villages, the scientists concluded that they would burn the crater that was formed when the platform collapsed. The scientists thought that the fire would burn the methane in less than a day. It has now been burning for over 45 years. When you burn methane gas, it creates carbon dioxide. Unfortunately, if it’s still burning, that means that for over 45 years, carbon dioxide is being spread throughout darvaza. This could be dangerous to the environment and to the people who live there. Luckily, the president of Turkmenistan has been trying to fill up the crater, but has come short because of a lack of international pipelines. But the country will soon get the elements they need to fill the crater.

Luckily, Turkmenistan is trying to fill the crater so it can keep people safe.


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