Newsletter Thursday 7th May 2020

Headteacher Comment

If you have had the opportunity to watch this week’s Celebration Assembly on Google Classroom (and it is heartily recommended), towards the end I used the opportunity to pass on my thanks to the teachers and other staff who are working so hard to provide brilliant learning opportunities, learning videos (and videos to make you laugh), online competitions and challenges, and lots of other creative ways that children can keep in touch with their friends and classmates and, hopefully, enjoy learning at home too. The teachers and teaching assistants are also taking time to keep in touch with you by phone/text and email each week and one of the highlights of this week for me has been hearing all the lovely comments from families when staff have spoken to them. One parent commented that she is really enjoying seeing her son take on the learning challenges on his own – she says she’s a ‘super proud mummy’. There’s some lovely examples of children’s learning in this week’s Newsletter – from the youngest to the oldest children.

Families have said ‘thank you so much for everything’ and that 'the teachers are amazing and are an inspiration to us all….', ’we are proud to part of Greenfields School’, and I know that the staff would like to say ‘thank you’ back for the lovely cakes and card that were delivered this week to say ‘thank you’ for providing care for key workers’ children.

We were overwhelmed by your lovely comments about the staff VE Day film, which is posted below. If you’ve not seen it yet, it is our virtual street party as we can’t be in school to celebrate together. The staff really enjoyed making it for you and judging by your comments, you enjoyed watching it just as much. A parent commented that it was a lovely thing to wake up to on Monday morning!

In these difficult times, we are working hard to help keep a connection to the school and between us so that when we all return, however and whenever that happens, our children, families and staff are as ready as they can be to take on all the brilliant opportunities and challenges that life at Greenfields brings.

#StayHome #StaySafe #SaveLives

Mrs Appleby

V.E Day

This week, Greenfields Primary School and Nursery celebrated the 75th Anniversary of VE Day. to kick this off, the Teachers and staff joined in to create their own video. click below to watch. #TeamGreenfields #VEDay75 #lockdown #SingingSchool @DRETnews @DRETmusic

Extreme Reading Like the Marvellous Meerkats

Marvellous Meerkats have been participating in unique, fun and exciting extreme reading challenges, organised by Mr Leach. The purpose of this is to demonstrate how reading can be enjoyed in a range of fun and bizarre ways, thus spicing up the reading process. This initiative was kicked off in February, with a Forest School story telling session, with scrumptious biscuits and warm hot chocolate. In addition, children loved getting cosy with a blanket to read their favourite book to their fellow classmates on Google Classroom. Extreme Reading has certainly ignited a wave of excitement for reading. In fact, when Miss Bayes heard all about it, she couldn’t help but set her own challenge for the children, which required them to ‘exercise and read’. Now, this challenge was certainly welcomed with open arms. For example, Aiden showed off his strong muscles by reading whilst lifting heavy cartons of milk. Sapphire showed off her reading whilst doing star jumps. Other examples of exercising whilst reading included riding a scooter, doing push-ups and even the splits. Most recently, children have been continuing their reading at home by taking part in Tuck-in Tuesdays, where they listen to a chapter of ‘Pucker Power: The Superpowered superpug’ each week and share their thoughts. Tuck-in Tuesdays has certainly been a hit, with Julia stating: “I’M SO EXCITED FOR CHAPTER 2!” and Sapphire giving it a “150 out of 10”.

Motor Skills Practice

Dragonflies and Busy Bees, Reception classes, have been strengthening their fingers and developing their fine motor skills this week , one task was to put long spaghetti into a colander or container with holes in . They had a great time completing this task .

Colours! Even More Colours!

This week the children have been explored colour mixing using a medium other than just paint to create beautiful rainbows. They then celebrated 'May the Fourth be with you' day by creating their own space vehicles using junk modelling and mixed media, completing word searches and colouring pictures of characters from the Star Wars films.

A Pandora's Box of Writing

In Year 2 this week we have been learning all about 'The Myth of Pandora's Box'. Today, they had a go at writing out their alliteration-filled poems, thinking about some of their favourite things that they might put inside the magical box. Have a look at some of their amazing examples!

This weeks Stars are:

  • Andrada from Ladybirds
  • Hayden from Dragonflies
  • Esmee from Busy Bees
  • Eliska from Terrific Tigers
  • Alexis from Happy Hyenas
  • Inaya from Excellent Elephants
  • Milita from Smart Snakes
  • Charlotte R from Cheeky Monkeys
  • Kian from Marvellous Meerkats
  • Jaiden from Remarkable Rhinos
  • Aiza from Powerful Panthers
  • Madison from Champion Cheetahs
  • Ellie from Super Sharks
  • Scarlett from Proud Lions
  • Kevin from Soaring Eagles

Virtual P.E.

Don't forget to join us all in following the Joe Wicks PE lesson every day live on You Tube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAxW1XT0iEJo0TYlRfn6rYQ

During the War......

This week Year Two have had a wonderful week thinking and learning about life during the war. Here you can see Matei and Eva showing off their 40s moves with the Union Jack in the background. You can also see Kira’s incredible spitfire plane model and finally Milita’s Morse code message. Great job Year Two!

TT Rockstars!

This week Year 5 and Year 6 have been in intense battle on TT Rockstars! Year 6 got off to a fantastic start, however Year 5 were able to claw their way back and take a substantial lead. With only one day left can Year Six be victorious? Fancy having a go? All parents have been sent their child’s logging in details – why not give it a go?

School Uniform.

Please place orders with Karlsports. Karlsports are fully stocked with all items in all available sizes of Greenfields Primary School and Nursery uniform. Please make orders through the Karlsports website as the shop is currently closed due to social distancing rules.

Northamptonshire Education Awards 2020

You may remember that last year Greenfields Primary School and Nursery won Primary School of the Year at the Northamptonshire Education Awards 2019. We were so proud of this fabulous recognition of our school. The Northamptonshire Education Awards 2020 will be hosted on 17th July at Wicksteed Park and parents are now able to nominate their child's school. Lots of our staff and parents are not only working from home, but teaching their own children also. I am sure you can appreciate how difficult this can be! With that in mind we would love for you to nominate Greenfields Primary School and Nursery for our OUTSTANDING teaching.

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  • Friday 8th May - Bank Holiday
  • Monday 25th May - Friday 29th May - Half Term
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