Queen Elizabeth II caatje de Koning & jennifer van kempen

About Elizabeth II

The Queen of England was born at 21th of april in 1926 as: Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor (Elizabeth the second). She didn’t go to school but she had her lessons at home like everyone has at the Britain royal family. She is the Queen of the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and New-Zealand since 1952. On the 7th of february she was crowned to be Queen. Her coronation day was at 2th of june 1953 in Westminster Abbey. She was the first head of state from one of the biggest power of the world, but that changed into the Commonwealth of Nations. Elizabeth is the oldest British reigning monarch of all time. She’s been on the trone for over 64 years!

Buckingham Palace

The Queen lives in Buckingham Palace with her husband Philip. The duke of Edinburgh, Princess Anne the duchess of York and Prince Edward also live there.Furthermore, 50 staff members have there own room in Buckingham Palace. The royal family has over 300 employees who work for them in buckingham palace. Many tourists come to visit Buckingham Palace every day to see the changing of the guards. When Queen Elizabeth is at home the flag above the palace is fluttering. But when she isn’t, the National flag is hoisting. One of the most beautiful rooms in the palace is the throne room, where the throne of the Queen is being kept. Also the thrones of her parents and grandparents are exhibited in this room.The Buckingham Palace has his own cinema, swimming pool and chapel. It has also a very very big ballroom. And a very big garden with lots of plants and flowers.

The second world war

Elizabeth has survived the second world war. During the second world war, Elizabeth and Margaret (Elizabeth was 13 and Margaret 10) were evacuated to Windsor Castle. There was considered to take the children to Canada, but their mother refused that consideration. She said:‘the children won’t leave without me. I won’t leave the King. And the King will never leave.’ She was raised by an assembler and a truck driver. This was the first time she’s been classical teached. Also during that time Elizabeth met Philip for the first time. In February 1945 she signed up for a women sector of the British army. Because she wanted to contribute to the country.

Tower of London & the crown jewels

Millions of tourists come to London every year and visit the tower of London. And there is a good reason for that! In addition to that it is incredibly beautiful, there also is a big exhibition on treasury jewels that have been stored in The Londen Towers since the fourteenth century. But now more about the jewelry. One of the most famous pieces from the collection is the imperial state crown. This crown has 2868 diamonds and 273 pearls. It also has an 105-carat koh-i-nor diamond.Furthermore, in the London towers there are two special diamonds exhibited called: cullinan the 3th and cullinan the 4th. These are diamonds from a special stone in South-Africa. The stone is 3106 carat. There are more diamonds cut out of this stone. Cullinan the second is on top of the british royal crown and is 317 carat. All these beautiful jewels are kept in tower of London. This is something about Queen Elizabeth because this is something from the whole royal family. The jewels are kept in big lockers and the whole tower is very well protected with many beefeaters.

Her family

Her parents were; King George VI (1895-1952) and Queen Elizabeth the first (1930-2002). Elizabeth has one sister; Margaret Rose Windsor. She sadly past away, (1930-2002). Queen Elizabeth is married to Philip Mountbatten. He is a Former Greek-Danish prince. They have 4 children: Charles (69), Anne (67), Andrew (57) and Edward (53). Prince Charles is heir to the throne. He was married to Diana, but she sadly past away by a car accident in 1997. Charles and Diana have two children, William (35) and Harry (33), Prince Charles now is married to Camilla, they don’t have any children together. Princess Anna was married to Mark but they divorced, they have two children Peter (40) and Zara (36). Princess Anne found a new love, Timothy. They married in 1992. Prince Andrew is also divorced. His ex-wife was Sarah. They also have two children, Beatrice (29) and Eugenie (27). He didn’t get married again. Prince Edward is married to Sophie. The names of their two children are: Louise (14) and (10). Many of the children that we just mentioned have also already children themselves. You can say for sure that the Queen has a really big familly!

Special moments in her life

We summed up some special moments from Elizabeth’s life:

1. In 1952 queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip make a journey through Africa and Asia.

2. In 1948 her 1st child was born, Prince Charles.

3. In 1950 her 2nd child was born, her 1st daughter, Princess Anna.

4. In 1953 Queen Elizabeth is officially crowned at Westminster Abbey in London.

5. In 1960 her 3rd child was born, Prince Andrew.

6. In 1964 her 4th child was born, Prince Edward.

7. In 2011 Prince William married to his wife; Kate middleton and that attracted a lot of interest worldwide. He got to know her during his studies

8. In 2002 she celebrated her 50 government.

9. In 2005 Prince Charles married to his new wife; Camilla Parker Bowles.

10. In 2007 Queen Elizabeth and prince Philip celebrated their 60 year- anniversary of marriage.

11. In june 2012 queen Elizabeth celebrated her Diamond anniversary.

Tragic moments in her life

The Queen doesn’t only experience incredible happy moments in her life, the past years there were also a few tragic moments. Things Like we said about Diana who past away by a car accident, Diana didn’t officially belong to the royal family anymore when the accident took place, because she was already divorced from Prince Charles. But that doesn’t make her passing away less tragic. Two other children from Elizabeth the first and George are also divorced (Anne and Andrew) after they married. During a christmas speech she talked about a ‘horrible year’. Another tragic moment was when someone hacked into her twitter-account to tell the world she past away but she obviously didn’t. The person who did this shocked a lot of people including Elizabeth and her family themselves. 1992 a part of Windsor Castle was burned down by a fire. But that part is already reconstructed again.

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