Student Services Week! February 4–8, 2019

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Celebrating Day 4 of Student Services Week!

We hope you enjoy these Stories From the Field. Today we are highlighting Charlotte, Pasco and Volusia County School Districts

Stories from the Field...Charlotte County Public Schools

An inspirational quote by Edward Everett Hale on the value of making a difference states “I am only one, but I am one; I cannot do everything, but I can do something; and because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do the something that I can do.” School social workers in Charlotte County exemplify that very statement by always going above and beyond the call of duty; by doing the things they can do. The work that is done collaboratively to keep our students safe, healthy and successful in schools is something to not only be proud of, but something we strive to continue every day. Here are some examples of the work our servant leaders have done beyond the school day.

Our Homeless Education Liaison, Renee Rebhan (pictured below), has a dedication to providing services and support to our neediest families. Ms. Rebhan has tirelessly volunteered during before-school hours, as early as 5:30 a.m. and during inclement weather, to locate and identify homeless families.

Our senior social worker, Sandi Currier (pictured below) values the importance of providing students and families with information on post-school plans and how to work toward career goals or pathways. Ms. Currier offers that quality support during after school hours by attending career night at her middle school.

Susan Flores and Sheila Lacrete (pictured below) understand that the level of collaboration and work needed to provide the diverse needs identified for students and families cannot be done in silos. Both Ms. Flores and Ms. Lacrete participated in a Saturday “neighborhood laundry event,” sponsored by the Suncoast Campaign for Grade Level Reading. The event took place at a selected laundromat and laundry services were paid for all families.

While their laundry was being done, families had the opportunity to meet with the social workers and to have books available for their children to read.

In an effort to build our district’s capacity to provide integrated, coordinated and evidence-based mental health services, a team of eight social workers agreed to complete the Youth Mental Health First Aid trainer program in order to build personal knowledge and to become a certified trainer who provides the training to all staff. All of our social workers are licensed or completing their licensure requirements on their own to provide the highest quality mental health services in our schools.

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Volusia County Public Schools

Everybody Every Day—Poem, Poster and Video Rap/Song Contest

Contest offered by the School Social Services Attendance Committee

All students had an opportunity to create poems, posters and rap videos showing why attendance is important to education and school achievement. This initiative began in September 2018 and winners were selected in November 2018. Students receiving awards in the Everybody Every Day Attendance Contest were recognized by their schools, district administration, and school social work staff. Students also received a certificate and gift card incentives. The Everybody Every Day Awards Team recognized 38 winners.

Celebrating our Winners
Winners from Highbanks Learning Center: Eddie Santos won first place in the poem contest and Emeka Akosa won first place in the poster contest
Ms. Milliken’s Multi-VE class from Atlantic High School won first place in the poem contest.

Shirley H. Lee Community Support for School Attendance Award: This award is given to an individual who has exhibited an exemplary personal commitment to promoting regular school attendance. Ms. Ingrid Cruz, School Counselor, was the 2018-19 recipient for her incredible work. She has served as an advocate and mentor and has given of her time and resources to enhance the academic success of students through encouraging daily attendance at Deltona Lakes Elementary School.

Ingrid Cruz, administration, and Everybody Every Day Attendance Awards Team
Volusia County Schools, continuing the support with other activities...

Each year Title I Parent and Family Engagement offers the Families and Communities Together (FACT) Fairs for our parents and community stakeholders sharing vital information and resources with over 400 families.

Jennifer Watley, our district’s Homeless Liaison at the FACT Fair at DeLand High School.

School Social Worker Teresa Wright’s Toy Drive was another huge success this school year. Toys were donated by our law enforcement partners: the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office, private donors and $1,300 from New Church Family. The toys were distributed by Teresa (our Holiday Elf) to needy families. Teresa’s commitment to making the holidays a wonderful experience for our families is so appreciated!

Pasco County Public Schools

Staff Self-Care Days!

In October, 2018 the Student services team initiated the first-ever “Staff Self-Care Day” for all staff at Paul R. Smith Middle School in Holiday, Florida (Pasco County Schools). Student services team members transformed an available classroom into a serene and calm environment that was available to all staff members to utilize during their planning and lunch periods. Stress balls, puzzles, games, a photo booth, adult coloring pages, light refreshments and several other activities were available to staff throughout the day. The Student Services team, with support from administration, will continue offering the self-care day to staff on the last Wednesday of the month for the remainder of the school year.

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