First time in London

Hi everyone! This is the first time I am sharing a story with someone. When I was thinking what I should be sharing with you that will not bore you after a while, the first thing that comes to my mind was my first visit to London. I absolutely fell in love with this city! I will never forget about being in London for the first time. It is a city, where I lost my heart... I am sure some of you are also thinking about visiting this enchanting city, for this reason I want you to go through a places I visited on that day.

Breathtaking night in London

My journey started at 11 am in the morning when I arrived from Colchester, where a friend of mine was studying his first year at the University of Essex, to Victoria Coach station, which is in the centre of London and you can esily get to other places. To be honest, I was amazed by the University as well, but the best was about to come, a visit of London for the fisrt time.... I have heard a lot about sightseeings in London before I even went there, because the English language is not my mother tongue, we were learning a lot about the UK at my former school, especially about UK famous cities, one of which is London... I knew exactly where my first steps would go, because I am a person who loves spending time in parks, I wanted to visit Hyde Park first. Being in Hyde Park for the first time was beyond my expectations. I was very lucky, because during my stay in London I had sunny weather without any marks of wind, which is exception in England, as I am sure all of you, who have had the opportunity to spend more than few weeks in the UK, have noticed. There are, of course, less famous parks worth visiting, for example James's Park is unforgettable, mainly because of Pelicans, which have free movement all around the park.

Hyde Park
Hyde Park

Next stop that I had to make was to see the famous Tower of London, Buckingham Palace and of course London eye, but honestly, I was not so amazed by the Lodon eye like the majority of visitors were. In my opinion, the entrance was very overprized, but I must admit the view has to be spectacular! Throughout my stay in London I did not use public transport. I find it much better to stroll the whole city, or even get lost, than to sit on a bus. I have a simple explanation for this opinion. When you visit the city the next time, you will remember much more when you go on foot and explore everything just on your own and you can accidentally find places, you have not even known about.

Thanks to the fact that I am into street art, I could not miss the opportunity to see graffitti of Banksy in real life and it was worth it.

I created a mini photo summary of places I visited with a brief description below.

Finally, I am at the end of my story telling. I hope you enjoyed my telling, but what I hope more for is that you will take an inspiration for your next or first visit in London. Thank you for reading and I look forward to sharing another story with you! ;)

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