6 component of Greece by Angel pena


The geography of Greece influenced where people settled and what they did. The geography had mountains, and Greece is surrounded by water and hundreds of islands. The mainland is a peninsula and also had rocky soil. But the mountains and seas divide them from one another. Many ancient Greeks made a living form the sea. They became fishers, sailors, and traders. Others settled in farming communities


Greek art had and architecture expressed Greek ideas of beauty and harmony. they consider any building in your neighborhood a work of art. artists in ancient Greece believed in certain ideas and tried to shows those ideas. Myths are traditional stories about gods and heroes. Greek mythology expressed the Greek people's religious beliefs. Epics these long poems told about heroic deeds. The first great epics of early Greece were the Iliad and the odyssey. a fable is a short tale that teachers a lesson. in most of Aesop's fables , animals talk and act like people. drama is a story told by actors who pretend to be characters in the story. in a drama , actors speak , show emotion, and imitate the actions of the characters they represent.

Class Divisions

a Greek citizen was called a native born who were men and they own land. they had the right to vote , hold office, own property, and defend themselves in court

Greeks citizenship means members of a political community who treat each other as equals and who have rights and responsibilities

in other ancient civilizations the people were subjects they had no rights no say in governments and no choice but obey their rulers


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