Andrii Kashliev CAS Highlights

Kashliev is an Assistant Professor in the Computer Science Department, this year being his 4th year at EMU. He teaches a variety of classes, from introductory programming to Big Data and serves as EMU’s contact person with Amazon Web Services (AWS) Academy. AWS is an industry leader in providing cloud computing services and training. Kashliev explained, “This partnership between EMU and AWS benefits our students as they get trained in cloud computing skills which are in high demand in the job market, all while taking classes in our department.” He conducts research in big data management with the focus on big data modeling and large-scale scientific workflows. By using computational complexity theory and a range of other computer science paradigms, he designs models, algorithms and writes code to validate his ideas. The goal of his research is to find ways of managing big data with lower latency. What he likes the most about this research is “the fact that what I learn and do in my research can be useful for individuals and organizations that manage certain common types of data” he explained. This summer he is researching how to store large amounts of scientific data in distributed database clusters. Thank you Andrii Kashliev for your amazing work! #TRUEMU #EMUCAS