Chemistry Jesse raynor and jesse james raynor Its due thursday

Metals is are found on the left and middle of the periodic table. Nonmetals are found on the left side and helium is the very fist one on the right side. Metaloids
Protons have a positive charge Electrons have a negative. Neutrons have a neutral charge.
The Father of The Periodic Table was Dmitri Mendeleev
Francium is the most reactive metal. Fluorine is the most reactive nonmetal.
8 groups and 7 periods
1. Alkali metals 2. Alkaline earth metals 3 - 12. Transition Elements 13. Boron Group 14. Cardon group 15. Nitrogen group 16. Oxygen group 17. Halogens 18. Nobel gas
The number tells you what is the number of protons in the element. The other one tells the atomic number.
The atomic number is how many protons are in the atom
The number of protons and neutrons in a atom.
The number of protons are equal to the number of electrons
The electron cloud it made up of electrons (duh) protons and neutrons.
a valence electron is and electron that is associated with an atom
the 2, 8, 8, 8 pattern is when the electron cloud is made up of 2 electrons in the first circle thing and the rest have up to eight.
this is it
reactants are on the left and the products are on the right.
the yield triangle is sort of like a arrow right
this is it
this is it just squint a little
this is it for real: chemical properties are the way something taste or burns or just something along those lines Physical properties- something looks or how it breaks
Chemical change- wood burning and milk souring Physical Change- ice into water and ice cream melting
1. sparking 2. different substance 3. burning 4. melting 5. change in color


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