Colorado Climbers Welcomes

Tonya Yates

Why did you JOIN AFLAC?

"I joined aflac so I can use my personal testimony to reach out to people of the IMPORTANCE of life insurance. I lost my HUSBAND in 2014 in an avalanche while he was snowmobiling and I'm at peace with his death because i know he is in heaven. Rob was employed with a large company in the oil and gas field and his INSURANCE preparations kept me from having financial hardship. I APPRECIATED his planning and would like to pass THAT knowledge onto people."

Tell me a little about yourself?

"We have a 24 year old son, Bradley and I am a proud mama!! I love to mountain bike and workout, I have a Corgi named snickers and she's my lil sidekick. every chance I get, I love roaming the desert on my rzr. I love my family, my friends, my life."

What is the greatest bit of advise a parent or mentor has given you?

"Do what you love, love what you do."


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