CHRISTMAS TREE FESTIVAL 2018 ‘Favourite Books’ A festival with a great variety of creativity.

The Creation Story from Genesis

Children loved the little birds and the butterflies and bees.
Would you Adam and Eve it?

Inspiration for ‘The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe came from felt-making classes in the village.

Lucy and her siblings look into the wardrobe.

Aslan comes to bring Narnia back to life.

Moe people want to try felting now!

Simpkin the cat
Rescued by the weary old tailor from the naughty cat Simpkin, the mice save the day by completing a waistcoat in time for the mayor’s wedding on Christmas Day (with a little help from Simpkin and some cherry-coloured silk.)

The Mayor is delighted with his silk waistcoat.

0The mayor and his beautiful bride were married on Christmas Day

Children enjoyed listening to the story and Busybodies pre -school children came to decorate their tree.

Robin was given a special new vest because he had been so kind.

Note the robin made around a hand and the little prayer tree too.

Yes, it’s the white rabbit and.....


Wonderful jam tarts knitted by Pat!
and there were even flamingoes ... used to play croquet.....Jenny was overjoyed to find these lights.
The sweets are going to the Food Bank.
Sweets were given to prize winners too.

The Snow Goose by Paul Galliano is set in Essex and Dunkirk.... a very special story.

Blackout time, therefore no lights on this tree.... newspaper wrtime decorations too.


The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Throughout the festival the books were being read to appreciative children.
Embroidered Red Emperor landing on a Colonial stitch covered stone. Above right is the embroidered Purple Hairstreak butterfly, Quercus Quercus. Myriads of the tiny butterflies shimmered high among the oak trees near the river at Godolphin on a warm early August evening.
The Mousehole Cat

All is calm in the harbour.

Wonderful machine embroidery, felting and use of different tints and textures.

Note the felted gradations of colour on the fish below, and the felted outside of the harbour wall behind the fisherman.

Storm cat gazes over the sea.
Sea urchins, wrack and a sea horse.
Praze and District Young Farmers
The tree was decorated using Farmers’Weekly Magazine and favourite photos.
The Owl and the Pussy Cat
went to sea inn a beautiful pea green boat....
People were remembering and reciting!
Harry and the Dinosaurs
A child’s collection of dinosaurs.
Tree decorations made from book pages.

There are requests a-plenty for a class from Sue.

The next festival title will be Grinearflix...presenting stories with ‘HAPPY ENDINGS’ Beth will felt away to create ‘Stick Man’ and Richard, would you believe it, will present ‘Night Mail’ He hopes to have a train there too......!
More quirky fun with pages .
Broomstick,Quidditch and the Pensieve from Harry Potter
The Bible Tree
From Moses via Joseph, then Noah, the dove indicating land was in view.once more.
The structure of the Bible, water iinto wine, the lost sheep,,,,even Jonah!
The Auld Grey Duck

Red River Singers entertained at the opening of the festival again and members of other choirs added to the singing.

They had ducks running along in front of the Nativity on their song sheet.
The Church Tree donated by The Richards family.

Hard to take photos which do justice to this really special, varied handiwork form a large number of skilled people.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to a great festival.

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