Kim: "Wow. Kourtney and Khloe and Kendall and Kylie and Kris took me out and I met the man of my dreams. Like, I had already met Kanye at parties and stuff but like back then he was gross and now he's like WOW. We clicked immediately. I think he's the one for me. We're going to dinner next week on his #privatejet."

Kanye: "I love Kanye."

Kim: "Today is the day! I am like, SO happy to marry Kanye! I have been waiting for this day for so long. He is just the best. He's my best friend, like wow. I love him so much. He's the only one I need. Except for North. #loveyouboo #momlife"

Kanye: "I love Kanye."

Kim: "Wow! I can't even believe it, like another baby! I could NOT be any happier to have another baby with my #truelove. Don't get me wrong, North is still my first love, but Saint is def so adorable!!"

Kanye: "I love Kanye."

Kim: "Wow! #Bae got me a #newhouse! I am BEYOND excited. Like last time Kourtney put me such a uncomfortable situation, like, she knew I wasn't happy and I was trying to see if it would work at my last house but now Kanye got me this new one and I feel so much better. Like, now I know it will work out. Wow. I just love him so much. Have I said that already?"

Kanye: "I love Kanye."

Kim: "Wow. It's been such a long, great life with Kanye. I have loved being with him. He is my #soulmate. He made me #famous. I am so sad because like, death is imminent and he'll probably die soon but like, #yay that I got to spend any time with him at all. I am SO blessed. Oh, and I finally decided to be blonde. I think it looks better with my wrinkles."

Kanye: "I love *coughs on brink of death* Kanye....and Kim."


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