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Welcome to Ring Patterns for 2018. As is our custom, we begin at the beginning, re-capping the general achievements of the breed at specialties and all-breeds throughout the country. In January there were 20 independent specialty shows held in four states: California, Maryland, Oklahoma and Ohio. The show that garnered the highest number of collies entered at a specialty and also the largest turnout was for Judge Erin Blaisure at Columbus Collie Club on Saturday, January 27 in London, Ohio. There were 81 collies entered and 76 exhibited -- 48 roughs -- the largest number of that variety shown on any day -- and 28 smooths.

The largest turnout for the Smooth Variety was a tie -- 28 for Judge Blaisure and Judge Sandy Thompson at Collie Club of Maryland. Blaisure has been an American Kennel Club judge since March 2017 and Thompson began her judging tenure in July 2000.

CH Twin City Blu Ridge Frozen Juell takes Best of Breed under Judge John Buddie.

At the Specialties: The month saw 12 collies -- 6 dogs and 6 bitches, 10 roughs and 2 smooths, awarded Best in Specialty. In addition, 6 collies received multiple Best in Specialty awards, including 2 rough bitches, who stood out with 3 Best of Breed awards and 4 rough dogs, who each took home 2 Best of Breed awards. See the full list below.

List of January Best of Breed Winners and the judges who awarded the wins:

GCH Twin City Blu Ridge Frozen Juell (Rough/B) Judges Rayleen Hendrix, John Buddie and Nancy Anstruther

CH Clarion Monarch Promise Me Rainbows (Rough/B), Judges Brenda Miramon, Mike McKenzie and Larry Willeford

GCH Overland Red Moon Rising (Rough/D), Judges Sandy Thompson and Susan Abraham

GCH Overland Red Moon Rising takes Best of Breed under Judge Sandy Thompson.

GCH Lochlaren Kings Valley Fire Within (Rough/D), Judges Laura LaBounty and Carol Steiner

GCH Blu Ridge Make Way (Rough/D), Judges Patricia Caldwell and Carole Stanley

CH TaraDells Legendary (Rough/D), Judges Roxann Heit and Robette Johns

CH Fantasy's A Thousand Stars (Rough/B) Judge Erin Blaisure

GCHP Bandor's The Wyching Hour (Smooth/D) Judge Susan Bertrand

CH Wyndlair Classique Incandescent (Rough/B) Judge Nioma Coen

CH Wyndlair Classique Incandescent takes Best of Breed under judge Nioma Coen at North Texas CC.

Cheviot Solace Wynd (Rough/B) Judge Patricia Skinner

CH Demuir Barefoot Contessa (Smooth/B) Judge Patricia Caldwell

GCH Scalloway's Lion Hunter (Rough/D) Judge Carl Skinner

GCH Scalloway's Lion Hunter takes Best of Breed under judge Carl Skinner.

At the All-breeds: Collies accrued 24 Group placements, including 7 Group 1 awards. Those Group 1 awards went to 2 collies -- 6 for the rough bitch, GCHG Sylvan Argent Hollywood And Vine and 1 for the smooth dog, GCHP Bandor's The Wyching Hour.

All told, 7 judges saw the Collie as the top dog of the day in the Herding Group: Dana Cline, Robert Stein, Judith Brown, Denise Dean, Amy Gau, Charles Olvis and Elizabeth Muthard. Other placements included 5 Group 2s, 6 Group 3s and 6 Group 4s. Of all the placements, the Rough Variety came away with a ribbon 17 times compared to 7 for the Smooth Variety.

There were 11 Collies, 8 roughs and 3 smooths, who recorded group placements:

Chatham-Aspen Point Taken, one of only eight rough collies to take a group placement in January.

Roughs: GCH Overland Shangri-La's Limited Edition (D), GCHG Sylvan Argent Hollywood And Vine (B), Chatham-Aspen Point Taken (D), CH Highcroft St. Germaine Wildfire (D), GCH Markos Mirror Image (D), CH Lisara's The Force Awakens (D), CH Heatherfield Legacy Of Love (B), GCHB Breezy Acre's In Your Face (D)

Smooths: GCHP Bandor's The Wyching Hour (D), GCHB Lachki Dream Out Loud, RN (D), GCH Dunnideer's Elfin Princess (B)

The largest number of herding dogs shown at a show in which a collie placed was 243 at Nolan River Kennel Club in Texas on January 6. The award was a Group 3 and it went to the rough collie bitch, GCHG Sylvan Argent Hollywood And Vine. The judge was Susan Godek, who was approved to judge collies in January 2007.

National Owner-handled Series: NOHS Herding Group judges placed collies 12 times during the month along with 1 Best Owner-handled in Show and 2 Reserve Best Owner-handled in Show for rough collies: CH Heatherfield Legacy Of Love and GCH Highcroft Longview London Fog. The roughs took 10 of those placements compared to 2 for the smooths. There were 3 Group 1 awards which all eventually led to a Best or Reserve Best for the Collie.

CH Heatherfield Legacy Of Love takes a Herding Group placement along with a NOHS Reserve Best Owner-handled In Show at Erie Kennel Club -- all in a days work!

NOHS award winners for January: GCHB Breezy Acre's In Your Face, Gateside Mandalay Come Fly Away, CH Scalloway's Holding Gold, Mar-Jo's Polar Express, CH Windkist Stormbreaker At Belle Forrest, CH Highcroft Longview London Fog, Travler Kaigan Memoirs Of A Geisha, CH Heatherfield Legacy Of Love.

Congratulations to all!

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