Celebrating Canada By: Karman Kang

Niagara Falls

The Niagara Falls also known as Horseshoe Falls is a large waterfall located in Ontario, Canada bordering Canada, and New York, United States (“About Niagara Falls”). The Falls is estimated to be 12,000 years old and was first discovered by Father Louis Hennepin in 1678 (“About Niagara Falls”). In 142 years after the Falls were discovered Canada made the natural phenomenon a tourist attraction in 1820 (“Facts about Niagara Falls - City of Niagara Falls”). The Niagara Falls is 54 meters high and covers 212 square kilometers (“Facts about Niagara Falls - City of Niagara Falls”). The Niagara Falls holds great meaning to me because I made a lot of childhood memories there and it was also the very first piece of Canadian history i'd ever seen. The Niagara Falls should be celebrated by all Canadians because it generates electricity and is a symbol of Canada's & the United States peace.


Diversity has always been one of Canada’s strong suits since the aboriginal people inhabited Canada in the 17th Century till now. Immigration in Canada began with the French and British colonization’s in the 17th century and continued throughout the 18th & 19th century during world war II, where waves of Europeans immigrated to Canada (“Immigration and Ethnocultural Diversity in Canada”). In 1971, Canada became the first country to “enact an official policy of multiculturalism” (“Diversity in Canada: an overview.”) demonstrating the importance of diversity in Canada. Diversity is very important to me because both my parents are immigrants from India and the immigration polices allowed them both to move to Canada. This should be celebrated by all Canadian’s because over 20 percent of Canada’s population are immigrants (“Diversity in Canada: an overview.”).

Health Care

Health care in Canada has always been a controversial topic on the political side of things since health care is funded by the government, but how did this come to be? In the 1966 MacEachen introduced the Medicare bill which was passed by the majority of liberal government of Canada resulting in a government funded- universal health insurance program which was established on 1966. (“Canadian Health Act”). To this day, Canada continues to offer free health care for its citizens! Health care is important to not just me but the entirety of Canada because health care can be quite expensive at times and having free health care can sometimes even help someone support their families better. Free health care should be celebrated all over Canada because not many countries have the luxury of free health care and Canada’s one of very few who do!


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