U5: Knowledge 23 & Skill 15 Maddie Rimmer

How can geographers help resolve the issues that result from using the Earth's resources?

Coal mining

Geographers research and study the Earth and how people interact with each other as well as the Earth. They can't make laws, convince the general public, or force people to act on behalf of the environment. They can educate us (the general public) though. The way to solve the issues caused by using the Earth's resources is studying the way they are changing and how people are using them. After the evidence is out, geographers have to keep researching and updating what's true and what's not because it's an ongoing struggle to save the Earth.

Oil Rig

Directions: Fill in the answers to the questions in each of the three columns. Please provide an explanation as to why you answered what you did. At the bottom of each column, there is an inference box. In the inference box, write how you think the topic of each column has created issues (regarding the use of resources). Finally, in the large conclusion box, reflect on what you learned about using resources sparingly and protecting the resources.


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