Justice for Chimpanzees BY Kayleigh viars

The Los Angeles Zoo of California is not a safe environment for female chimpanzees to raise their young in. 

When in the wild, young chimpanzees are cared for by their mothers until the age of five. However, many female chimpanzees in captivity are distant from their newborns. This causes the young primates to become independent at a very young age.
In many cases of captive births, the mother will not have a male chimpanzee to help her take care of the baby.
Because of the lack of maternal instinct and father figures in captive chimpanzees, zoo workers help take care of the baby primates.
Animals are not meant to be born or raised in cages, and chimpanzees are no exception. These creatures are currently endangered, so something needs to be done before they end up going extinct.
Created By
Jacqueline Viars


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