FISHING One of the major job in coastal areas

The Fishermen have a habit to worship mainly St.Antony and Mary Madha Velankanni(mother of good health) on their way to fishing , hoping to be safe and with good yeild

Troller Boat
Plastic Boats
New Rowboats(fiber added)
Old Rowboat(only wooden)
Fish (This is the main source)
Prawn(It's a Main source of roller boat)
Ray Fish
All resources in one sheet(market)
Dried Fish
They usually build a small tends and arranged the nets look likes this to keep them safe and ready for next Fishing
One way of drying and cleaning the nets
This arrangement of nets are used inside the water to store or trap the fishes
This is used to collect , mainly used for filtering

The nets used for Fishing needs regular cleaning, altering and repairing, which include some steps as shown below.

Washing of Fishing nets in the sea water itself for basic cleaning

Drying of fishing nets

Make the Nets dry under sun light for about 2 days depending on the density of the sun light

Drying on the road and on the walls for better exposure of light. (But it's not always acceptable incase of traveling disturbance )
Drying them on the plane grounds, which provides large space and safety for nets
This one shows a man folding the nets after drying
Further cleaning requires to remove the dust and small particles but hitting on the nets
Cleaning of the fishing nets may require hard work depending on the nets and the climate. But fishermen may spend entire day on the nets to finish on time
Sewing of Nets is one the main process
Commonly used tools for repairing fishing nets
Some people arrange a place to repair the nets to reduce work load
Boiling of nets to remove further materials which may cause smells inside sea
A click at boiling Nets
A commonly used way of arranging the nets to trap the fishes inside them
Damaged and old nets are used to some other purposes too like the one showed on the photo.
Fishermen getting ready to fishing on their boats
Main tools needed for a fishermen to be safe and guaranteed returns(signal lights, torch lights, GPS, Compass)
Indentification of nets
Some other needed materials for fishing including foods
Ice is used for preservation of fishes which are delivered on the sea coast
Some organisms need quick preservations , so the fishermen keep ice blocks along with them

A small video showing a group of people getting ready for fishing, transferring the needed items from coast to the Roller boats with small boats.

Fishermen going for fishing. It also shows a habit of worshiping gods turning their boats directly towards the churches on the coast.

A picture of iced prawn which was iced immediately after catching them
Small sized transportational methods to markets
Separating of prawns at the market
Waiting for deliveries to the food producing companies
Loading of engine to a boat
Having some meals with their fellowmen after fishing
I am doing a troller boat fishing. It's an interesting job but a hard one. We go on long distance fishing which may we end up in Mannar sometimes. It's a dangerous job too, we saw Indian fishing boat with naked eye which may end up in fight with them.
Cleaning boat with sea water
Arrangements of fishing instruments for loading
Boats looks like this when they are ready for fishing
Carrying a small engine
A fisherman jumping to his boat
Googles used for fishing
Fishing sheets

How they travel on a heavy wind blow

An other kind of filter
Meeting his wife after fishing
His wife help him lifting the loads of net by herself
Carrying their nets to their homes
Cooperative shop of fishermen

I am Thanendran. My job is fishing. I used to fish on small boats. We go to fishing on nights and rest on days. But our job is risky , there is a huge chance of loosing our equipments by thieves
Day time market
At the bench of one the salesmen
The group of people's job is to clean the fishes

Sound of a market at day time

A quick View at the market

Salesman waiting for the fishermen

Mobile salesmen

These types of salesmen have a regular basis of selling, they come to every houses to sell them

On a bicycle for short distances
On Motor bike for longer distances

There are many factories here for fishing

Transport service for fishermen
Fishing accessories can be get here
Fishing fuels
Fishing engine repair shop
Fishing boat maintenance
Fishing boat repairing
Fishing pins
Prawn pin
Tree branches for tracking prawns
Department Of fisheries and aquatic resources
Life-jackets and nets for distribution
Banned nets ready to dispose
Development officer

I am Thanushan. I am a development officer. We are responsible for all the fishermen, fishing boats and other fishing instruments, their safety. Troller boat fishing is one of the fishing method increasing vastly around coastal areas but that has to be prohibited, because of troller boat fishing the source of the sea becoming affected, mainly coral reefs are the one which gets affected. Even though is bad for sea resources it can not be prohibit at all, more than thousands of fishermen families are depending on this method of fishing.

Every fishermen have a boarder of fishing, but we always get complaints from our navy force that the Indian fishermen are crossing their limit of fishing and try to fish in our fishing limits. We have made actions to prevent them but still it's uncontrollable.

Improper disposals of fishing waste
Decreasing of resources by capturing small aquatic livings
Improper disposal of house hold waste
Air get polluted often when cleaning the nets from the dust arouse form the net while hitting

Some of the children of the fishing families are involving in fishing, wasting their time and concentration on studies

My name is Francis Thevanayagam. I am an experienced fishermen , I am doing this job for about 28 years. I am a small boat fisherman. One of the main problem I get is thieves. I had to alter my fishing method to be careful from those thieves. I go to sea three time for fishing where others go to sea only once a day.

An ancient way of fishing
A View at the time of golden hour
A View from the coast
A View from Sea

A video from Jetty to road

Jetty road

Sunset view

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