Navigating language and culture with Kiffe Kiffe Demain Kristen Cypret, CT 748

Content area: French 4, high school

length of the unit: 4 weeks (Francophone Identity)

World-readiness standards for learning languages

My text set

1: Kiffe Kiffe demain ( novel)

2 - 3 : Dictionaries/Reference texts:

4: Articles #1

5: Article: Negotiating Arab-Muslim Identity, Contested Citizenship, and Gender Ideologies in the Parisian Housing Projects; Faïza Guène’s Kiffe-Kiffe Demain.

6: Website:

Additional videos

Vocabulary Activities

  • Several activities with various involvement loads (Need , Search, Evaluation)
  • close exercises, sentence writing activities, composition activities for each week

Anticipation Guide:


  • Reactions
  • Portfolio, using the text as a model and contrasting the language use with the standard and other registers.
  • Cultural Reflection


  • Reading comprehension assessment
  • Self-reflection
  • Vocabulary assessment


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