Be There CrEated by: Rebekah BLanco

Spring break began with a fun filled trip to the Dade County Youth Fair with my mom, sister, and friend Raquel. We were all so excited to get there, especially because we had not been there in years. After an endless line to find parking and going through security we made it in! Right when we got there we planned everything we were going to do for the day and so here is a little peek of what exactly happened.
As everyone could see, Raquel had a great time at the fair. We ate some fried Oreos, shopped at all sorts of kiosks, and went to the petting zoo. She relished every moment and is sure to return next year to create more unforgettable memories.
Bright neon lights to captivate your attention and fast spinning rides to get you dizzy with uncontrollable laugher and screams will forever be the cravings of a kid at the fair.
The highlights of my day at the fair would have to be the never ending games, the crazy circus, an unexpected DJ battle, a hilarious pig race, and the many awes of the petting zoo. What thrilled me the most was when Raquel and I were walking around and all of a sudden we heard loud music. We rushed to where all of the action was happening and found ourselves dancing and singing our hearts out.
This is my favorite photograph simply because it shows the innocence of a child. It was later in the day when we see this little boy that did not want to stop playing. You see his mother with a bag full of prizes won, but that does not seem to be enough for him. I also love the fact that he is shorter than the game stand. It shows that he has determination to get what he wants, no matter how little he might be.
Overall, this year's Dade County Fair treated me well. The fact that I was with my family and Raquel made it even more fun. We ate, talked, and laughed like there was no tomorrow.

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