Flash Photography on a budget By James Miller

First you need a subject

And a camera!

As you can tell from the previous photo, sometimes the subject wont fit in the frame, just shoot it vertically (portrait orientation)

No tripod? No problem, Improvise! I use flat surfaces as tripods, in this case a book helps to stabilize the camera for the shoot.

Turn the lights off to isolate the subject and black out the background so you don't clutter the background with dirty laundry

Some generic settings to get started are ISO 100 (or as low as your camera will go, 10 second shutter speed, aperture (F. Stop) around 8

You don't need a 300$ flash to create images like these, youre already using it in your hand... That's right your cell phones flashlight works as a great substitute!

Vary the angle and time of your flash to get different effects. This is more of a front facing flash flat lighting. If you go back to the previous photo you notice more of a dramatic shadow as I was holding the phone from the right side.

If you check out the full photo of the background you notice a lens flare type of effect at the top. Just hover your light in front and above the lens with live view on. This allows you to experiment with finding the right position to use before you take the photo.

Want to give a evil angry red hue to your photos? Or maybe a cool calm blue? All you need is a marker and some clear tape. Apply the tape on top of your cameras flash, apply the marker, layer as you see fit.

Much less expensive than a professional lens and filter set with the same great effect.

An example of using a blue marker to create a cool blue flash.

That is all for my short lesson on flash photography on a budget. Feel free to follow me on my Instagram @Jmill354.photos and visit my Facebook page @JMillerPhotographyProjects. Thank you for viewing!

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