Fireworks By: Lauren buckbee

Rain is rare, at least I believe. The roads are caked with red dust, even the sky is. It might be because of lack of rain or it’s because of the bombs. No doubt both are bad, but one is worse. The bombs did a lot more than that. Rubble was piled up on the side of roads, in front of houses, on what were sidewalks. Red blood stains puddled in the streets. Buildings were chopped in half.

We sat around the small wooden table that was sitting on a small piece of concrete. No one was talking. We silently sat eating one can of peaches for the three of us.

A loud screeching noise from the emergency radio from the house came on.

We sprinted down the streets jumping hurdles over the rumble from the last bombing.

I look around at my mom and the Antar’s but notice something instantly.

“Where is Marwan?” I ask.

My mom looked behind me and started to breathe heavily and opened her eyes wider. “I thought he was with you?” “

No,” I say panicked.

The night was darker then I thought possible. At first I couldn’t see around me. It was as if I went blind. Once my eyes adjusted I could see that there was no moon or stars. The buildings were silent. I creeped down the street not really knowing where I was going. I was afraid that one wrong movement and a bomb would come flying down and burst into flames. I was in a forest of buildings and I was scared to wake the wolves.

As soon as I shouted the second time the sky bursts into fireworks. A slow simmering firework lights up the night sky. It was beautiful. Each of the sparkling lights raced towards the ground like a fox chasing a bunny.

I was so transfixed by the sight that I never thought that it was possible that it was not in fact fireworks but actually a bomb. I realized this when a loud CRASH came from far away and fire came up in it’s place.

This time, I hear a slight screaming. “Avalon! Avalon! Over here!”

I rush over to where I hear the yelling and quickly skim the scene. Not here. I sprint down to the next street. Not here either.

“Avalon! Hurry!”

I sprint fast going street by street until I see a small figure in the distance.

“Marwan! I’m here!” I whisper-yell at him.

I lifted him up and supported him. I take one step forward waiting for him to take one to. Our pace quickened and I kept checking the sky. Nothing had happened since the two bombs, but who could be for certain?

When we approached the house I lifted him up step by step. I kicked the door open and brought him down the stairs. Our mom came rushing to our side. She came to him and lifted him into her arms.

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