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Sunday, 6/12/16

Awesome...Scary...Overwhelming...Necessary...Helpful...Confusing...and ultimately completely and utterly critical for educators to use in reaching their students who have never known the pain of not having a cell phone, laptop, or cable t.v. (Watch the Kid's React to Technology Videos for some funny examples.)

Within the realm of educational technology is the ever-changing flexibility that must allow for both teachers and students to attempt new trends and find ways to interact with learning, which should be the primary focus. Sadly, many schools incorporate new technologies simply for technology sake and do not consider the larger picture of why this technology should be utilized by both teachers and students. Many times technology is thrown at a perceived problem with the hope that it will be the magic bean that succeeds in slaying the giant (teacher shortages) and capturing the golden egg (student learning) so that everyone can live happily ever after. I have personally been in situations when the use of technology definitely became counterproductive and student learning was sacrificed in the push for new technological ideas.

However, I love learning about new technology and finding ways to use it within my classroom. I often tell my students that the moment I refuse to learn anymore is the day that I need to stop teaching. In my opinion, how can I encourage my students to learn something new if I am not willing to learn something new. Technology can be defined by many terms but the most important aspect, within the educational system, is that the goal should be to educate the next generation of students by using all the resources at our disposal and this thankfully includes technology.

Blog Post #2

Monday, 6/13/16

Open the hose and turn on the spigot full blast... and that would sum up today's whirlwind class. Memorable quotes from Dr. Holder today...

Instructional designers are not just rubric followers.
Take the apple and eat it, make it yours. Don’t just paint it green.
Coke tastes good when you all you can drink is… coke.
Have a spirit of tinkering.

It's interesting to hear the same thoughts I have about technology come out of the mouth of someone else. It feels good to be on the right track, at least in the thought process. I am thrilled to learn about some new technology including Adobe Spark.

Favorite Quote of the Day

Blog Post #3

Tuesday, 6/14/16

It was a very informative and interesting day. Most of the technology I had used before and some was very familiar in how to use including EndNote and Google Drive. However, it was good to see how it was taught so I could utilize some of the same areas of focus. I learned quite a few things in the discussion on research and how to utilize Liberty databases more effectively. Teacher efficacy of technology in education was a very interesting topic and two quotes really drove the point home.

The content should drive the learning style.
The first rule of research: Someone else has probably had a similar problem... so find it.

The Webquest theory was vitally important to me in how, as a project-based teacher, I actually use the web to help my students begin a quest. The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings Trilogy metaphor was a fantastic reminder of how a student needs to be led on a journey and not just answer a bunch of questions from a handout.

Be curious and explore new things.
The key word in a Webquest is quest, not web.
A quest creates a fundamentally different idea.
Upper level blooms taxonomy is the litmus test for the definition of a good Webquest.
Favorite Quote of the Day

Blog Post #4

Wednesday, 6/15/16

Today, we spent time learning about digital photo resources. Very interesting although a lot of the stuff I had already known. Still a good refresher. I created this...

My Daughter and Nephew with Snow White
We are turning out people that can do the job but can not create anything. They have no imagination.
What is the best learning environment system that we have ever created... Apprenticeships.
Nature abhors a vacuum. Something will fill it.
Encourage students to think critically, seek the truth and follow the path of curiosity.

Blog Post #5

Thursday, 6/16/16

Today was fun. Got to play with GoPros and make a quick video. I'm learning a lot in the video editing department. Getting quicker and since the group project is a video, I'm getting lots of on the job lessons for how to do it correctly... the second, third, and fourth time. Below is my video blog, "Reflections on Technology."

The quality of your work is in direct relation to the respect for your instructor.
Don’t use technology just for the sake of using technology. Using technology should never be for a check box.
You are not looking just for perfection… you are looking for engagement.

Blog Post #6

Friday, 6/17/16

Today was the last day of the class and we had group presentations. It was a long day with good information. I think our group's presentation went well even though we had to be creative and use the Smart Board TV in the room to play our video because of the projector going on the fritz. Overall, it was a good class and I learned some very interesting and useful things.

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