The Hobbit J.R.R. tolkien

Introduction // We are about to embark on a new journey as we read The Hobbit. Just as Bilbo learned through his adventure, we too can learn through his experience. Have you ever wanted to put yourself in the scene of a book you have read? Well now you have the chance to! We are going to use the web and collaborate with other students in the class to more deeply understand Bilbo's adventure.

Task // You and a group of 3 or 4 classmates will study the plot, theme, and characters of The Hobbit. You will be working together to analyze each character, and what they bring forth to the plot and theme of the story. For this project, you and your group will create an additional character that you believe will add complexity to the plot. Your final product should be a skit portraying a specific scene in the story with your new character included.

Process // Step 1: Get into groups of 3-4 in order to discuss the characters, plot and theme of the story. You should talk about what each character adds to the story, and begin to discuss the character your group is going to add. This will help you and your group understand the importance of character development in a story's plot and theme. // Step 2: Outline the plot of The Hobbit, and make a list of each character and their importance in the story. // Step 3: Write down the characteristics and details of the character you and your group decide to create. // Step 4: Write out your skip based off of one of the scenes in The Hobbit, and you should incorporate your new character in this scene. // Step 5: Assign each member of the group at least one character to act out in your skit. You should practice your skit several times before presenting it to the class. You will be allowed to use your script while performing your skit, but should not be reading directly off of it the whole time. Be creative and have fun!

Conclusion // You have learned the importance that character development plays in a story. Every detail of the characters affect how the story turns out, and how each decision they make impacts the plot. By adding an additional character to The Hobbit, you changed the outcome in the scene your group acted out. Which character do you think you most relate to? Why?

Evaluation // This is how your work will be evaluated. 


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