Walden West Funny Experience! by:Alyssa

At Walden West, we did a lot of fun and funny things! One of the funniest things there was camp was campfire night! Campfire night was where there was a big campfire in the middle of the amphitheater and all of the staff did skits.The skits were really funny! The first skit was actually my favorite! It was where Superfly was doing a play with Earthworm about the titanic. Expect they called it, “The Gigantic”. It was really funny because Superfly kept on telling Earthworm what to do, and Earthworm was doing it all wrong. Everyone was laughing so hard!

"The Gigantic!"

Another funny skit at campfire night, was where the cabin leaders all had something wrong with them, so they went to the doctor. The doctor didnt care about their problems, so she told them to wait in a different room. The funny part about it was when one cabin leader came into the waiting room, their problem went away and somehow rubbed of one of the other cabin leaders. At the end, all of the cabin leaders problems went away, because they all rubbed of on the other cabin leader. And then Robin came in and said, “ I'M GOING INTO LABOR!” And then took a basketball out of his shirt! It was so funny! Again, everyone laughed really hard!

Walden West campfire night was so funny! I had tons of fun watching, and laughing with my friends! I loved all the skits! I want to see them all again!

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