June 2020

Revolution Moto Co.

Written & Photographed By Nick Rosynek

Sunday June 7th, 2020 marked the 51st year of racing for Byron Motosports park. Byron hosted round 1 of the Nuclear-Sunset Power Series, a local series between Byron Motosports Park and Sunset Ridge MX in Walnut, IL.

Byron Motorsports Park owner and operator Aaron and crew worked diligently with other local track owners and state authorities to open up to the public to not only ride, but also start hosting races. “One of the things I think we are getting better at in District 17, is working together as track owners.” Said Aaron. “At the end of the day we are all enthusiasts. Nobody is doing this to get rich, we’re doing this because we love Moto. In that spirit, we’ve been trying to work together, to just get back open again.”

“The biggest thing that we can do is give people a place to ride.“

With the Nuclear-Sunset Power Series underway Byron is looking forward to a summer filled with racing. This series is a unique set of races as it provides a stepping stone for entry level youth riders to experience racing. BMP provides free racing to the novice youth classes, ages 50cc 4-8 year old, and 50cc jr. classes. These kids are not having to pay to race and is a way that Aaron and track can help eliminate some barriers to get kids out to the track. Byron also introduces the 2-stroke open class to everyone. Who doesn't love hearing a gate full of 2-strokes ripping around a track! Aaron said, “To hear those guys lined up and to hear those 125’s and 250’s out ripping around, makes my heart happy.”

Aaron and team have provided an amazing track for racing of all ages. If Round 1 of the Nuclear-Sunset Power Series was a show of racing to come, we are going to end up with an epic summer of racing!

Nick Rosynek

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Nick Rosynek