WHEN IT BREAKS A Teacher's passion. a musician's voice. a family's Journey.

"When It Breaks is an honest, warm and emotional documentary. Konrad’s heart for those with special needs is inspiring. You can’t help but want to reach out to your local schools and non-profits. Isn’t that what documentaries are supposed to do? Inspire you to make change." - Katie Dockery | VP Northern CO, EASTERSEALS COLORADO

After 15+ years, special education teacher Konrad Wert felt it was time to step away from the classroom. In spite of his passion for teaching and his accolades in the field, the 60 hour work weeks and declining support for public education were beginning to take a toll on him and his family.

Joined by his wife and two boys, he set out on a national tour performing under his musical moniker, Possessed by Paul James. In the tradition of folksingers such as Woody Guthrie, Konrad realized that music can be a catalyst for change and used his live shows to foster deep conversations about special education and the challenges teachers are currently facing.

“I drove 5 hours to see it and it was worth the trip. An inspiring, intriguing, hilarious, and intimate look into a truly selfless individual and mission.” - Wade Forester, Premiere Screening Attendee
AUDIENCE - When It Breaks is an integral part of the current conversation around public and special needs education. Screenings attract a diverse and dedicated audience. Whether it’s Konrad's rabid music fanbase, students on their path to becoming special education facilitators, or dedicated teachers that are also feeling the “burnout” and eager to hear their experience voiced in the media landscape, the audience is committed and the conversations are passionate.

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Additionally, we love to collaborate on events and help facilitate networking between local educators, non-profit groups, and our general audience. We also try to include attendance by the filmmaker, Todd Tue, and subject, Konrad Wert, for discussion panels, and Q&A sessions as often as possible.

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