Matt Pikarsky freelance illustration ~ character design ~ editorial cartoons


I am a creative individual with a love for the visual arts. I am pursuing my passion in illustration via freelance, with a focus on character design. I love to capture personalities in my designs that resonate with others.

I always need to be involved in one project or another, even when times are busy with other activities/projects. It is an essential part of my life, and my objective is not only to turn my passion and specific talents into a professional, lifelong career, but also to pass on my knowledge and experience to others.

Additionally, I have previous, professional experience in teaching and working in a local, non- profit arts organization. I professionally taught private, beginner to intermediate piano lessons, with students aged 10-45 years old. I also served on the board of directors of the local, non-profit music organization, Civic Morning Musicals.

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