Self-Designed #2

For my second self-designed exhibit, I wanted to do something that consisted of me really getting involved with the exhibit in a way that would benefit me in more than just the classroom. I was thinking that after I work out I would feel really good and I liked the after workout feeling. So, I thought to myself would that feeling make my day feel better in the classroom also. I worked on this over a week’s span to see how my day in classes would be either better or worse. I also skipped a couple of days on purpose, so that I could actually see the differences between working out and not working out. Another thing that I would end up doing differently with this experiment was I would do different types of exercises each day that I went. When I was setting this exhibit up I had to realize that all except two classes was in the morning times. So, this just meant that I would have to be extra dedicated to this to have to wake up early in the morning to get the exercise out of the way and be in class on time. I would wake up early enough before every class in order for me to be able to go and exercise for at least 30 minutes and at most for an hour. After doing these exercises before class I noticed that I wasn’t as tired in class those mornings. I would also notice myself being more alert in classes and answering questions out loud (something that I rarely do). The only things that I learned not to do before class was go running or play basketball. I would just go in class more tired than I would if I didn’t do nothing but sleep before class. Overall, I feel that the exhibit, just as the first one, was a success.

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